Jets QB Aaron Rodgers experiences unique autograph moment during American Century Championship at Lake Tahoe

Aaron Rodgers was present at the American Century Championship. It is a golf tournament that was held at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Nevada. On the tournament’s opening day, a very exciting thing happened that fans can’t seem to get over.

Rodgers got an unusual autograph request from a pregnant woman. Keep reading to find all the details about this unique autograph moment and what Rodgers thinks about the immense love he’s getting from the fans. 

Rodgers surprises pregnant fan by signing her stomach

At the event when Aaron Rodgers was passing by the fans, a pregnant woman asked him to give her an autograph. However, unlike getting an autograph or a paper, phone, or hand, she offered her stomach. 

Aaron Rodgers

It was quite shocking for the quarterback as well, but with a huge smile on his face, he gave the woman an autograph on her stomach. Fans found this moment adorable, appreciating the quarterback for not denying the request of the pregnant lady. 

The woman also had an autograph from another player on her stomach. It was from the former Bears linebacker, Brian Urlacher. Brian was also playing in the event. He must have come across this woman too, and like Rodgers, couldn’t deny her unique request. 

Aaron Rodgers receives a warm reception from Jets and Packers fans

Aaron Rodgers has moved from the Packers to the Jets which created an unusual fear that fans might not accept him. However, he is lucky to receive a warm reception from both Jets and Packers fans.

During the American Century Championship, he was interviewed, and he talked about the appreciation he is getting. 

When the quarterback was asked about what he thought about this scene, referring to the event and the fans.

He said, “It is one of the best. It’s fun to be here. The crowd is amazing…It is an incredible event, great people and incredible fans came to watch us.”

Aaron Rodgers

The host asked him what he thinks about the warm reception he is getting and who is showing more love, Jets fans or Packers. To which the quarterback replied that he is getting love and appreciation from both Jets and Packers fans. 

“Jets fans have a common chant they say J.E.T. S, Jets, Jets. Packers fans are very sweet. They have lots of appreciation for my time there. It’s mutual. I have lots of love and respect for them.”

It is clear that Packers fans still respect and appreciate Rodgers even when he has moved to the Jets. Rodgers is already preparing for the new season and now he will also be featured on the Hard Knocks series. Fans can look forward to watching their favorite quarterback on the field again.


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