“Joan Laporta owns Ronald Koeman” fans bashed when Barca President disagreed on buying Gini Wijnaldum

Fans favorite FC Barcelona is doing great in this season under their newly appointed head coach Xavi Hernández, Xavi has signed some amazing players like Robert Lewandowski, Raphinha, Jules Koundé and many more, seeing the proper coordination between the head coach and the president Joan Laporta, fans are utterly hopeful that this season they will be the champion of the Europe.

Despite current success, former Barca coach Ronald Koeman is trying to make some explanation about the reason why he failed in Barca by accusing the president Joan Lapora.  The Tintin added Barca president didn’t cooperate with him at all, even Laporta himself wasn’t efficient while they were trying to sign Gini Wijnaldum.

Why didn’t Gini Wijnaldum join Barcelona?

We all know about the drama when Barca was in the race of signing  Wijnaldum, the very moment he chose to join PSG, most of the fans bashed him, and they even accused him of joining PSG only because of money, as he didn’t care about the game. But recently, during an interview, Ronald Koeman revealed the untold truth about the signing of Winjnaldum.

Ronald accused the Barca president, as the president was delaying the signing of Wijnaldum. He also added the delay was only to bother him as the team was not performing well, most of the players were either suffering from injuries or they were not fit enough to play, and in the end, he got sacked without having a proper chance.

Fans reaction on that comment

Basically this comment about the president generated a mixed opinion among the fans, though most of the fans are backing the president as the team is doing well, some fans are inceasantly bashing the president as they feel there might be some injustice that happened in the case of Ronald Koeman as he didn’t get enough chances .

One of the fans even expressed the rage with retweeting ‘Laporta owns Koeman.’ 

But, Wijnaldum is an injury prone player so Barca fans are relieved that they didn’t sign him.

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