Joe Biden goes down on one knee in front of the Golden State Warriors as Kamala Harris refuses ‘I’m not doing that’

On Tuesday, the Golden State Warriors, the reigning NBA Champions, made a visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and were met by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

It should have been a simple and joyous occasion, however, Harris got the ball rolling by introducing Steph Curry and the President of the United States, only for it to become a slightly uncomfortable situation.

The Warriors players, staff, and coaches made their way to the stage in a timely manner, however, the President took an eternity to reach the stage, leading some to believe that Harris was introducing the President and Curry from Baltimore rather than Washington.

It took nearly a minute for the President to reach the stage, and Harris was left standing alone on the stage, wearing an expression ofOh, what have I done?’

That wasn‘t the only awkward moment that happened during the visit. The President and Vice President also posed for a team photo with the Warriors, but Curry and his teammates were left in a state of confusion. The reason was that they thought they were supposed to be standing behind the President and Vice President but had to be instructed to move to the front.

President Joe Biden had the option of simply moving aside, but he chose to kneel in front of the Golden State Warriors. The awkward part, however, was that Kamala Harris would not follow suit and had to be assisted off the stage by some Warriors staffers sitting in the front row.

The visit to the White House was an event that the Warriors will forever remember, and even though it was a little awkward, it was certainly an experience that they’ll never forget.



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