KSI drops daring prediction on boxing bout with legend Floyd Mayweather: “I’d knock him out”

Floyd Mayweather is undoubtedly one of most fearsome boxer’s of all time. On the other hand KSI is more like an entertainer who takes part in pro boxing for fun.

However, in a recent Tweet, the YouTuber-turned-boxer has predicted he’d be able to beat ‘Money’ if they fought in the ring.

KSI’s bold take on Floyd Mayweather

KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olatunji, rose to prominence through his YouTube channel, which featured gaming material, vlogs, music, and several other projects, believes he can beat Mayweather in a boxing match. 

“Honestly I think I’d knock him out. I honestly think I have a great chance at beating him. Mayweather, he’s a good fighter, I just think I’ll have the timing on him. Obviously in his prime I would have no chance.” KSI said. 

‘The Nightmare’ so far has fought in 6 bouts and won 5 and the other one ended in a draw. The 29-year-old boxer started his career in the ring after facing Logan Paul. 

KSI next fight

KSI has recently shown a strong desire in fighting Tommy Fury since doing so would get him a chance to demonstrate his superiority over Jake Paul.

The British influencer’s most recent bout took place at London’s OVO Arena in May. In the highly anticipated boxing battle between KSI and Joe Fournier at Misfits Boxing 7, KSI got a no-contest decision against the billionaire businessman due to a controversial elbow strike. 

The YouTuber-turned-boxer mentioned Fury in the post-fight interview as his ultimate ambition is to face Jake in the ring. The Briton would  be one step closer to that matchup with The Problem Child if he could easily defeat Tommy.  

Fury, who was present at the OVO Arena in London to watch KSI battle Joe to start his beef with the British rapper, made fun of KSI by saying that battling a businessman shouldn’t be taken into consideration. 

Tyson Fury’s younger brother verbally accepted the challenge saying that KSI needs to face a real boxer just like him to taste the real flavor of boxing. However, no date or venue is fixed yet. 

Do you think the YouTuber turned boxer would stand a chance against Floyd Mayweather Jr? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 


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