Joe Fournier calls for rematch with KSI on IG after their controversial fight overturned to ‘No Decision’

Following a defeat at the hands of KSI due to an unlawful elbow strike, Joe Fournier made a request to the Professional Boxers Association last Monday. Good news for Joe and those who suspected the ruling is that the PBA has overturned the TKO ruling and declared it a No Decision rule.

Many well-known boxers and boxing enthusiasts spoke out against the controversial TKO decision, in addition to Joe and his team. Many of them thought that KSI shouldn’t have been declared the winner and that a No Contest or Disqualification should have occurred in its place.

According to the observation and detailed review done by PBA the decision that led to the YouTuber-turned-boxer winning the fight has been changed. The PBA conducted a swift and clear investigation to uphold the integrity in boxing and finally decided to call it a No Decision rule. 

What did Joe Fournier say regarding a rematch with KSI? 

The decision must have made the billionaire businessman happy as it made sure that he’s still undefeated. With the new spirit, Joe is now hopeful to continue his pro boxing career even at the age of 40. The British boxer immediately called out KSI for a rematch. 

“And I am still undefeated. And still look brand new. Now you know that if there’s anything dodgy, well, they rectify it. So respect to that, and you exact now, baby. The rematch. Wow.” Joe said. 

KSI too responded to the rematch offer fron his most recent ring opponent on Twitter. The internet influencer may have Tommy Fury in his mind to fight next at the moment but he made a hilarious option to fight Fournier. 

“The only way I would even entertain a rematch with Joe Fournier is if I fought him, Salt Papi and Slim all in the same night.” KSI tweeted.

Do you think a rematch should happen between Joe Fournier and KSI? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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