LeBron James trade rumors: should Lakers fans be concerned over their forward using Knicks towel?

Anything LeBron James does draws the eyes of the NBA world. From glaring at Darvin Ham to channeling his inner Michael Jackson in Lakers gym, every moment captured of the NBA superstar goes viral.

Now another recent clip of him has caused a ruckus in the NBA community. It did not take long for wild theories to spawn, and with the trade deadline at its dying embers, things have surely taken an interesting turn.

LeBron James using Knicks towel: is it concerning?

Following Sunday’s game, LeBron James was spotted draping a Knicks towel across his 23-inch shoulders. The game took place at Madison Square Garden, the home arena of the NY Knicks, where the visiting team secured a 105-113 victory. Even during the post-match interview, the 4-time NBA Championship winner was seen sporting the same towel. This has sparked speculation about a potential move to the Knicks in the near future.

Given LeBron’s reputation for planning his moves in advance, some fans have already begun to predict his departure from the Lakers.

According to Brian Windhorst, this can be a stunt to put pressure on Lakers. The seasoned insider said, “He was cognizant and aware that he was putting on a towel that said New York Knicks. Why would he mess with the Knicks? Because he was using the Knicks as a tool to pressure the Lakers.”

Chris Broussard later stated that he verified with someone close to the 39-year-old, confirming that “It’s nothing.” Broussard, drawing from past experiences, believes that the legend enjoys the drama surrounding trade rumors. While it may be worrisome for the Lakers and their fans, it’s also worth considering that home team-branded towels are sometimes provided on their courts.

LeBron keeps his cards close to his chest

It is also worth noting the factor of Bronny James that can play a significant role in LeBron’s future move. According to Chandler Parsons, King James will know exactly where his son will be drafted and could force a move to the respective team to fulfil his dream of playing with his son.

Earlier, after the Lakers’ 138-122 loss against the Atlanta Hawks, LeBron tweeted with a cryptic hourglass emoji but declined any explanation when asked about it.

Meanwhile, the Lakers topsy-turvy form has also been the subject of extensive scrutiny with speculations of a rift between LeBron and HC Darvin Ham. Despite the reported discontent among the Lakers ranks, LeBron James’ close friend and agent, Rich Paul has cleared trade rumors with a definitive statement.

Earlier in 2017, there were rumors about LeBron’s move to the Knicks. Instead of confirming or denying it, he said “I don’t even know what you’re talking about, shawty” which perplexed things. He didn’t move to the NY Knicks, but he was seen in the Lakers jersey the next season. There could now be a possibility of him turning the past speculations into reality now.

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