Leon Edwards calls out Colby Covington for false claims of being stripped of UFC belt for refusing title defence showdown

Leon Edwards has expressed his desire for the welterweight division to identify a clear No. 1 contender. As he plans to take a break and recover from some persistent injuries.

Recently, the 170-pound UFC champion, Leon Edwards, has expressed his desire for the welterweight division to determine a clear No. 1 contender while he takes a break to recover from some lingering injuries.

Despite having won his second consecutive fight against Kamaru Usman less than a month ago. Rumors have been circulating about a potential title defense against Colby Covington in July, possibly in London.

Leon Edwards

However, Edwards believes that a quick turnaround isn’t feasible, and he is aiming to return to the octagon in the fall.

“July is 100-percent too soon,” Edwards told MMA Fighting on Thursday. “I fought in March, just under a month ago. And I’m still dealing with injuries and stuff that I had to deal with before I even consider getting back into a training camp. If I’m fighting in July, that means I’m going back into training camp next week, and that’s just not possible.

Edwards finds it difficult to comprehend how Covington is considered the rightful contender for the UFC welterweight title shot. As per UFC President Dana White’s announcement, given the current state of the division.

Leon Edwards

Colby Covington has not competed in over a year, and his last victory was against Jorge Masvidal in March 2022. However, Covington has lost two of his last four fights. Which Edwards believes should not make him the top contender for the welterweight title.

Leon Edwards doesn’t entertains the idea of Colby getting a title shot

Edwards is skeptical that Covington’s recent record is enough to earn him a title shot. Arguing that he should have to defeat another top contender such as Gilbert Burns or Belal Muhammad before being considered for a championship bout.

After UFC 287, Colby Covington stated in an interview with Submission Radio that he had been guaranteed a title shot in the summer and that if Leon Edwards refuses to fight him. The British fighter would be stripped of his welterweight title.

The suggestion that he will be stripped of his title if he doesn’t accept a fight against Covington made Edwards laugh. As he hasn’t had any formal conversations with the UFC about his next fight, let alone any ultimatums to face Covington.

“It’s weird — I don’t know why he’s getting pushed so much,” Edwards said. “He’s coming off two losses to the guy that I just currently beat [in Kamaru Usman]. And then went and beat a guy in Masvidal that’s just retired, and now sat out for over a year. Turned down Gilbert [Burns], turned down Khamzat [Chimaev], turned down Belal [Muhammad], and then come back to a title shot? It’s weird. It’s something that I’ve never seen before.

Edwards‘ preference is for either Covington, Burns, or Muhammad to get another win before he defends his title again later this year. Once that happens, he said he’ll be happy to face whoever is next in line.

He doesn’t believe in rewarding fighters who sit and wait for a title shot without earning it.

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