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Lewis Hamilton opens up on signing a new contract with Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, whose current contract with Mercedes is going to expire in December, 2020, says he is looking forward to signing a well-drafted contract with the German manufacturer.

According to the Briton, the new contract will pay all dues to both Hamilton and Mercedes. It is being reviewed with utmost attention. 

Hamilton, who is on his way to equal Schumacher’s record this season, had some work to do with Mercedes engineers before Belgian GP. In the meantime, the British maestro doesn’t forget his payslip components. 

“I’m not one to want to just continue to do the same thing so, of course, always looking at every detail,” Lewis Hamilton said. “Making sure every time I do my due diligence, making sure I understand, as we continue to grow together as a team, that our values continue to stay aligned, our goals and ambitions continue to stay aligned.”

“So that’s what you generally go through and you’ll see if you just go through things to see how they could work better, how you could both get more out of it. In the sense of whether it’s performance with sponsors, whether it’s performance on track and how we work with engineers, whether it’s more time in [the simulator] for example. Lots and lots of different things.”

The BLM movement has shook things off for Mercedes’ No. 1 lately. However, unlike the NBA, Hamilton has no plans to abandon the track as of now. Like the previous couple of seasons, Hamilton is doing justice to his stature in this year too. His winning mentality is what sets him apart from the other drivers. 

The six-times F1 champion did nothing less for Mercedes than what Schumacher did for Ferrari. So, a healthy wage increase along with other boosted benefits are on the horizon for Hamilton.

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