Mike Perry is willing to take on Jake Paul and Nate Diaz, urging them to “grow some balls” and compete at BKFC

Following his fourth straight win in bare-knuckle fighting, Mike Perry expressed interest in boxing Nate Diaz or Jake Paul, urging them to “grow some balls.” While Perry loves bare-knuckle fighting, he is open to putting on boxing gloves for the right matchup.

He hopes that a big opponent in combat sports will accept his challenge in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC). Perry also addressed the possibility of fighting Darren Till, who is currently a free agent but has expressed disinterest in bare-knuckle fighting.

Mike Perry urges Jake Paul and Nate Diaz to fight in BKFC

Mike Perry, who has made a name for himself in bare-knuckle fighting, may have to wear traditional gloves in some of the sport’s biggest bouts. In more traditional fights against strong opponents, Perry might need to modify his strategy despite his success in the unadulterated brutality of bare-knuckle fights.

The veteran fighter talked about what comes next after winning his fourth straight bout at BKFC 56 via second-round TKO over former UFC champion Eddie Alvarez. He mentioned a few names as possible opponents, including Jorge Masvidal and Anthony Pettis.

Perry is aware that there are other well-known fighters out there, but he is unsure if any of them will really go up against him in a bare-knuckle fight. This includes Jake Paul and Logan Paul, who signed Perry as a backup for upcoming boxing matches, as well as fellow UFC veteran Nate Diaz.

Mike Perry is open to boxing Nate Diaz or Jake Paul

Perry, with bare-knuckle wins over the likes of Alvarez, former UFC champion Luke Rockhold, and former Bellator MMA star Michael Page, has no intention of returning to mixed martial arts (MMA). Instead, he is aiming to secure the biggest bare-knuckle fights in 2024, targeting opponents such as Nate Diaz, Jake Paul, and Jorge Masvidal.

“I want to fight bare-knuckle,” Perry said on The MMA Hour. “I love it. I do love it. At the same time, I’m still interested in maybe putting a boxing glove on and Nate boxed Jake and it didn’t go his way. So a fight with me definitely makes sense. I would love to fight a Nathan Diaz but I think I win that.”

Perry is ready to face any opponent, as demonstrated when he entered the Triad Combat ring and defeated former professional boxer Michael Seals. However, Perry believes that not all fighters are motivated to engage in fights without gloves.

“Platinum” asserts that they need to take a stand and “grow some balls.”If Jake Paul or Nate Diaz agrees to fight in BKFC or boxing, it would be interesting to watch them face off. In the case of Jake Paul, Mike Perry could potentially become a new opponent in the boxing ring.


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