Did Charlotte Flair get injured on SmackDown? Examining the latest update on the former champion

After a great performance at Survivor Series War Games, WWE superstar The Queen, Charlotte Flair faced the newest member of Damage Ctrl stable, the empress of tomorrow, Asuka, on WWE Friday Night Smackdown.

The match had a moderate pace, showcasing both superstars giving their all. Unfortunately, Flair suffered an injury during her bout against Asuka. At a point in the match, Charlotte was on the top rope, and while Asuka executed a move, The Queen hurt herself badly.

Did Charlotte Flair get injured?

On yesterday’s Friday Night Smackdown, several superstars, including Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley, and CM Punk, made appearances. During the event, Charlotte Flair returned for a match against Asuka. The 37-year-old wrestler came back in June after a two-month absence following her loss at WrestleMania 39 to ‘The Nightmare’ Rhea Ripley.

Both female Flair and Askua were once WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship holders but later parted ways. During her match, Flair sustained an injury while falling from the top rope. WWE fans shared in her devastating experience after the match ended, hearing her scream “my knee.” She was then assisted out of the ring because she was unable to exit on her own.

Source: Twitter

As Royal Rumble is only 7 weeks away, fans hope that The Queen does not fall back further, as it is a prime opportunity for Charlotte to the make road to WrestleMania. The blow might be a temporary setback for Flair, but it is not enough to stop her forever. Fans are taking to social media to show their support for Charlotte and wish her a quick recovery.

Footage of possible moment Charlotte picked up the injury

Fans of WWE universe have shared the clip of the exact moment when Charlotte got tangled by the ring ropes, leading to her injury to the knees. During the match Asuka gets help from Bayley in win against Charlotte. After Asuka leaves the stage, medic makes their way onto the stage to help out Flair as she was seen unable to get up by herself.

Source: Twitter

Although there is no official statement from the WWE, it is believed that the medical experts who took Flair backstage were able to solve the issue. Flair has been in a rivalry with Damage CTRL and even faced against Bayley and her team with fellow wrestlers Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair at Survior Series.

Fans cannot get enough of The Queen, hundreds of posts were posted on social media following Charlottes match. Fans want to see her soon and hope that this injury is nothing too serious.


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