“My goal is to impact boxing”: Jake Paul discloses real reason for latest ‘Boxing Bullies’ event

Jake Paul, the YouTube star turned professional boxer, has been making waves in the boxing world not only with his in-ring performances but also through his philanthropic efforts. His non-profit foundation, Boxing Bullies, recently partnered with the World Boxing Organization (WBO) to help renovate boxing gyms and support the sport’s growth.

Jake Paul partnered with WBO

Boxing Bullies, founded by Jake, aims to empower and inspire young people through the sport of boxing. The foundation focuses on providing resources, mentorship, and support to help kids develop discipline, self-confidence, and a strong work ethic. By partnering with the WBO, Boxing Bullies seeks to make a lasting impact on the boxing community and create opportunities for aspiring athletes.

The collaboration between Boxing Bullies and the WBO will involve renovating boxing gyms in need of upgrades and improvements. These renovations will provide better facilities and equipment for young boxers, helping them hone their skills and reach their full potential. The partnership also aims to create a more inclusive environment in the sport, encouraging participation from diverse backgrounds and communities.

Jake has expressed his passion for making a positive impact on the boxing world through his foundation. In a recent interview, he discussed his desire to use his platform and resources to give back to the sport that has given him so much. Paul believes that by investing in the future of boxing, he can help create a lasting legacy and inspire the next generation of athletes.


Boxing Bullies and WBO partnership – a big step for Jake?

The YouTube star’s commitment to supporting boxing has been met with praise from fans and industry professionals alike. Many have commended Paul for using his influence to promote the sport and create opportunities for young athletes. His partnership with the WBO will be a significant step towards achieving his goal of making a meaningful impact on boxing.

As Jake continues to make headlines with his boxing career, his philanthropic efforts through Boxing Bullies are also gaining attention. The partnership with the WBO is expected to bring about positive changes in the sport, providing much-needed resources and support for aspiring boxers. With this collaboration, Paul demonstrates his dedication to not only succeeding in the ring but also contributing to the growth and development of boxing as a whole.

Jake’s Boxing Bullies Foundation and its partnership with the WBO showcase the YouTube star’s commitment to making a positive impact on the sport of boxing. Since his loss against Tommy Fury, Jake has picked fights with Floyd Mayweather.

Then again, he is scheduled to step into the ring on August 5, against Nate Diaz. As his boxing career continues to flourish, so too does his dedication to giving back to the sport that has brought him success. Through his initiatives, Jake is proving that he is not only a formidable competitor in the ring but also a passionate advocate for the growth and development of boxing.


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