“My head is such a dangerous neighborhood to go in” Mike Tyson’s admission of mental health issues comes as bombshell

Mike Tyson is regarded as one of the most terrifying boxers in history. Despite being the most dangerous, he gets scared when it comes to issues related to mental health. Recently, he disclosed his mental health in the most dangerous neighborhood, and it appears he dislikes discussing his mental health.

Mental health concerns are extremely severe because they immediately affect our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It also impacts daily life, constructive thought, and appropriate behavior.

This aberrant condition is also prevalent among athletes. Athletes frequently suffer from poor mental health, which they cannot discuss due to their prominent profile. This is exactly what pushes them to destruction in the end. That being said, the great boxer Mike Tyson also suffers from mental health.


Recently, in an episode of his podcast, he revealed how bad his mental health is that it literally scares the daylight out of him. When negative thoughts entered his mind, he stated that he needed to positively reinforce his mind. As Mike said, “Sometimes I see somebody and I say I don’t like that motherf***r and I say but they have a good heart. They’re beautiful, though it’s just anything negative that comes into my head. I say two or three things positively. ” He also added that his head was a dangerous place that he needed to control. “My head is such a dangerous neighborhood to go in.”

Mike had a particularly bad experience at a comedy club in Hollywood not long ago. While enjoying the concert with his friends, he was approached by a man who pulled a gun on him. Afterward, The stranger challenged the former heavyweight champion to a fight. However, he(the stranger) finally pulled the gun after the host requested him to leave. 

However, later on, Mike Tyson grabbed that gunman and hugged him. The fact that Tyson is from Brooklyn probably has something to do with his lack of surprise. Because in Brooklyn, it’s very common for street violence and gunshots. So Mike’s already used to that fact, which could’ve impacted his mental health from his very childhood.


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