NBA analyst blasts the Idea of Reaves inclusion alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis in Lakers : “Austin Reaves not part of anyone’s big 3”

The Los Angeles Lakers star duo LeBron James and Anthony Davis is one of the greatest to grace the NBA courts in recent times. Last season has definitely witnessed another such big star in the making in the form of Austin Reaves.

Speculations are rife calling them the big three of the LA Lakers right now. Although the newcomer may have proved his potential by being a part of a fearsome trio, some critics and experts choose to believe otherwise.  

It is very unlikely that people would not be impressed by the rookie’s skills, rather, they believe that there is no particular “Big 3” in the team.

Broussard rejects Austin Reaves as part of Lakers’ Big 3

In an episode of First Things First’ aired recently, Nick Wright was heard presenting his top 5 trios in the NBA. The big and sensational trio of the Denver Nuggets undoubtedly got first place. Although this did not begin an argument, all were not in agreement over the big trio of the Lakers. 

Anthony Davis commends Austin Reaves

Chris Broussard did not receive Wright’s ideas of including Austin Reaves in the same league as AD and King James. Instead, he asked, “Does that qualify as a Big 3?” Broussard asked. “I don’t think it qualifies. A trio. Can we just call it a trio?”

Later, Broussard also stated, “Austin Reaves not part of anyone’s big 3”

How many seasons has Anthony Davis, LeBron played together?

Despite facing several highs and lows in their careers together since 2019, Anthony Davis and LeBron James brought home the NBA title home in their first season. Since then, there have also been times full of disappointment. 

This season was similar, however, AD and James managed to push the Lakers into the Western Conference Finals. After their loss to the Nuggets, Davis was quoted saying, “We don’t know what our group is going to look like.” 

Anthony Davis

With this remark in mind, it may be clearer why Broussard found the trio not strong enough for being considered a big three. Although he made it extremely apparent that he did not doubt the caliber of Austin as a player, there was a big looming question on the trio’s past, present, and future. 

Although the three players have a great bond, they are somehow not as amazing as the Nuggets’ Jokić, Murray, and Gordon. This blocks their chance of being on the same platform as the big three, making them just a trio. 

What are your opinions on the Lakers being deprived of a “Big 3”? Do you also think Austin Reaves does not make LeBron and Anthony complete?


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