NBA Rumors: Why Miles Bridges wants to stay with the Hornets not approving any trades?

With the rapid trade window finally shut, it’s time to wait for the dust to settle and examine the aftermath. One of the names that circulated before the deadline was Miles Bridges. The Hornets forward was linked with multiple franchises but with the trade deadline expired, he will remain with the Charlotte franchise for now.

With a chance to join Suns, Jazz, Pistons, it is surprising to see Bridges staying put with Hornets.

Why Miles Bridges wants to stay with the Hornets?

Miles Bridges has taken advantage of his contract and decided to stay with the Hornets. Expressing his desire to stay, he said, “I got drafted here and they stuck with me through my lowest time, so I for sure want to be here. We haven’t played with our full healthy team the whole year.”

“I feel like if we had our full team, it’s no way we wouldn’t be in the playoffs. Not even the Play-In, I feel like we’d be in the playoffs. We’ve got a great future ahead of us if we can just stay healthy.”

The player was straightforward in his stance to continue with the franchise and pledged his loyalty to the Hornets. He mentioned that his team was there to back in his worst and he has no intention of leaving them.

The 25-year-old could not play the entire 2022-2023 season due to the multiple legal issues on domestic violence allegations. He even missed 10 games this season as he was taken into custody.

He voiced his opinion about the public scrutiny following his arrest in June 2022 before getting arrested again in October last year. The 25-year-old remained focused on Hornets and went as far as to say that people will forego his past in exchange for performance.

Does Miles Bridges have a no trade clause?

Bridges has a $7.9 million contract for one year with a no-trade clause that gives him the right to reject any trade proposal. His agent, Rich Paul, has confirmed that Bridges is staying with the team at least this season.

This is where Bird rights come to play. Essentially, these rights provide Bridges with an opportunity to secure a more lucrative contract in the future. When Bridges becomes a free agent, the Hornets can offer him a maximum contract using these rights, ensuring he receives the desired payday.

Subsequently, they can trade him to another interested team. By declining the trade, Bridges retains control over his income, as accepting a trade would limit his earnings based on the new team’s salary cap.

The Hornets forward has scored 41 points on Monday and 45 on Wednesday. In the midst of his best season so far, he has averaged 21.9 points, 7.2 rebounds and 3.3 assists per contest this season. If his contract is not renewed, then he will be an unrestricted free agent by the season’s end, and with a savvy agent by his side, the aforementioned can be turned into reality.

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