Will Ryan Garcia and Dillon Danis square off on Misfits Boxing event?

Dillon Danis may be making a return to the world of MMA, and it appears that Danis and Ryan Garcia have agreed to a fight. Danis had formerly announced his retirement from combat sports in November of 2023 after it was reported that he was released from his Bellator contract.

However, the retirement seems to be short-lived as he has eyes on a fight with Garcia. The two fighters have shared text messages on Instagram that appears to confirm their intentions to fight it out in a match inside of an octagon cage instead of a four-sided boxing ring.

Is Ryan Garcia going to fight Dillon Danis?

Ryan Garcia and Dillon Danis have allegedly agreed to a fight in MMA and Misfits Boxing has also confirmed an offer will be made per reports. The outlet also published screenshots of text messages exchanged between the pair, confirming the match.

It appears that Danis was somewhat skeptical of Garcia’s intentions to actually participate in the match, but Garcia affirmed his readiness and interest by texting, “I’m down hit up Dana”. Thus, the pair are set to have a bout not in a boxing ring but rather, within the confines of a steel cage of an octagon.

Danis had, of course, announced his retirement in November of 2023 after being dropped from his Bellator contract. However, he’s now set to make his return and this time in the octagon. Danis has always been a somewhat heavy trash talker and has feuded with the likes of Logan Paul, creating chaos with his controversial statements. He recently made a tweet, once again doing the same thing he did previously with Logan Paul, calling out Garcia and saying that he, “poked the wrong bear”.

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Ryan Garcia lashes out at Dillon Danis on IG rant

Garcia too is a hot-headed fighter who has never backed down from a fight, and immediately responded to the trash talk dished out by Danis and dealt with trash talk of his own, saying that he would K.O. Danis.

During an Instagram live session, Danis joined in and chimed with his comments, taking swings at the boxer. Garcia responded by citing Danis’ career and reminded him that he was unable to beat even the likes of Logan Paul.

Garcia also responded to Danis claiming he is a Jiujitsu guy by asserting that Danis doesn’t even know how to read or write, labelling Danis as “stupid” and “re***ded”.

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The trash talks and controversy between the two is heating up and is set to boil over as they are to face each other in an eight-sided cage. Who will prevail and come out on top? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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