NFL Star Brandon Marshall stakes $100k bet on results of UFC 287 massive title bout between Israel Adesanya vs Alex Pereira

The highly anticipated UFC 287 showdown between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira has caught the attention of NFL star Brandon Marshall, who has gone all-in with a $100,000 bet on the outcome.

In a bold move, Marshall showed his unwavering support for Adesanya, whom he calls “the king,” by bringing stacks of physical dollar bills to prove his backing.

In a face-to-face meeting with Adesanya, Marshall confidently announced his bet, saying, “I’m riding with the king, you see it, $100,000, let’s go.” The former NFL Pro Bowler’s bet has raised eyebrows and sparked debates among combat sports enthusiasts.

UFC 287

Battle for Redemption at UFC 287: Adesanya vs. Pereira – Backed by Marshall’s Faith

Some may question Marshall’s decision to back Adesanya over Pereira, considering their past encounters. Adesanya is a one-time Glory middleweight champ and has an incredible 75-5 win-loss record in kickboxing.

However, Pereira has been a formidable opponent for Adesanya, having defeated him twice in kickboxing, including a knockout victory.

Despite Adesanya’s dominance in mixed martial arts since transitioning from kickboxing, his first loss in the middleweight category came at the hands of Pereira in November last year. This rematch holds significant importance, as Marshall’s support could provide Adesanya with a psychological boost.

Marshall’s House of Athletes gym, which focuses on holistic mental and physical well-being for athletes, has earned him a reputation as a mentor to many. His endorsement carries weight, and Adesanya may draw inspiration from Marshall’s unwavering faith in his abilities.

The Ultimate Showdown: Adesanya vs. Pereira – A Battle for Glory and Legacy

On the other hand, Pereira may view Marshall’s bet as added motivation to prove his doubters wrong. Having previously defeated Adesanya, the stakes are now higher with an NFL legend backing his opponent. Pereira may use this opportunity to showcase his skills and seek redemption against Adesanya.

With Brandon Marshall’s wager on Israel Adesanya, the onus more than ever is on the “king” to reclaim his throne and allay any doubts about his previous defeats to Pereira.

But in combat sports, anything can happen, and Pereira is likely to come in with his own passion and determination to prove himself as the true champion. Who will come out on top?

Only the toughest will survive, and the true champion will emerge when the answer is presented in the ring.


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