WWE legend Teddy Long speculates the organization’s “next big star” Logan Paul

Teddy Long, a prominent figure in the world of sports entertainment known for his career as a WWE referee and onscreen authority figure, has made an audacious prediction: Logan Paul might be the company’s “next big star.” Long expressed his thoughts on Paul’s forthcoming wrestling future on The Wrestling Time Machine with Bill Apter and Mac Davis.

Trish Stratus and Lita recently joined up with Becky Lynch to beat Damage CTRL at WrestleMania 39, and their performance did not go unnoticed. Teddy Long had high praise for the two Hall of Famers, recognizing their incredible skills in the ring.

“Lita is a phenomenal worker, man. You got Trish and Lita in there. You know Lita comes from a hardcore school. She will do it all. How can you not have a great match when you got people in there that can lead you and carry you,” Teddy Long said.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul and His Potential in the Wrestling World

Logan Paul’s arrival in the realm of wrestling has evoked mixed emotions, but his in-ring abilities have shown solid signs of potential. Teddy Long also notes that the decision to become a full-time wrestler or stay in the entertainment field is up to Logan.

He says “I guarantee you I don’t know whether you know he has. Well, I think now he has to decide whether he wants to become a full-time wrestler or he wants to continue to stay in the reps field, you know, in the entertainment side, but I think if he decides that he wants to do this full-time, I think Logan Paul will be your next big star.”

Unleashing the Beast Within – Logan Paul’s Journey to Wrestling Greatness

As Logan Paul’s wrestling profession progresses, the query stays: will he be willing to put in the time and passion crucial to become WWE’s next megastar? Only time will tell if Paul can prove himself and live up to Teddy Long’s prediction.

To summarize, Teddy Long’s endorsement of Logan Paul as WWE’s “next big star” has sparked curiosity and excitement among wrestling fans. With Paul’s demonstrated in-ring skills and potential, the wrestling world eagerly awaits to see if he will make the leap to becoming a full-time wrestler and leave his mark on the industry.

Whether Logan Paul can rise to the challenge and achieve wrestling greatness remains to be seen, but the future certainly looks intriguing for this controversial figure.


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