Reason exposed why superstar WWE champion was dropped from SmackDown

WWE will soon release a new Draft with lots of exciting updates for fans of professional wrestling. Prior to the forthcoming SmackDown, Triple H stopped by on Monday RAW to address the audience about the WWE’s upcoming move.

With everything that has happened since WrestleMania 39, WWE fans are currently a little perplexed. This news, which wrestling fans had been anticipating for months, was finally announced last week. Monday saw this historic deal as WWE was acquired by UFC parent firm Endeavor.

Understandably, wrestling fans might be concerned about what will happen to their favorite wrestling promotion as the agreement between Endeavor and WWE nears completion. It only required a slight sense of trust from none other than WWE’s chief content officer.

What did Triple H say to the wrestling fans regarding the WWE draft in SmackDown? 

In order to reassure wrestling fans, Paul Michael Levesque, better known by his ring name Triple H, said that WWE is not leaving going anywhere and that this year will see greater success for everyone’s favorite wrestling organization.

The 53-year-old wrestler assured fans that this draft will be much more exciting than previous drafts have ever been. The top wrestler on the roster is guaranteed to get enough action from the superstar. When Vince McMahon’s son-in-law took leadership of the creative department in August 2022, wrestling has only become more interesting.

“In just a few short weeks it is once again time for the WWE draft. A night that changes the future and the density of every WWE superstar in the back’ Triple H said in SmackDown. 

The merger of McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment with Dana White’s Ultimate Fighting Championship earlier last week resulted in a new entertainment giant valued at 21 billion dollars. Endeavor Group Holdings will run the new business, and Ari Emanuel will serve as CEO.

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