Triple H makes epic announcement regarding WWE sale during post-WrestleMania RAW

The WWE is currently experiencing a significant period in its history as Endeavor. The parent company of UFC, has acquired a controlling stake in the organization. Additionally, Triple H commenced the show this week with a significant revelation.

At the beginning of the post-WrestleMania “WWE Raw,” Paul “Triple H” Levesque, who serves as the WWE’s Chief Content Officer, made an appearance and was warmly received by the crowd.

As the individual responsible for the WWE’s creative direction. He expressed gratitude to all involved for making WrestleMania 39 a memorable weekend.

Triple H wrestler of attitude era

In doing so, “Triple H” singled out various individuals, such as Stu the cameraman, the WWE talent and crew, and the broader WWE Universe.

During the opening of the “Raw After Mania” show in Los Angeles, there was no indication of fan dissatisfaction with Triple H’s decision to have Roman Reigns defeat Cody Rhodes and retain the WWE Universal championship in the main event of WrestleMania 39.

As Triple made his entrance, the crowd erupted with excitement, cheering and applauding him. The volume of their enthusiasm only grew louder as he took to the stage.

Triple H came to provide some reassurances 

“I am here to assure you, we ain’t going nowhere. … The superstars, the action, the drama, all of it, we are going nowhere. We will be here, week in and week out. Event after event, sold out arena after sold out arena, packed stadium after packed stadium, because we are the WWE! And just like it says in the beginning: Then. Now. Forever. Together.”

Regardless of one’s opinion on the outcome, it was a successful weekend of shows. During the opening of the “Raw After Mania” show in Los Angeles, Triple H expressed his gratitude towards the wrestlers who made the event possible.

As well as the hardworking staff who supported them behind the scenes. He wanted to publicly acknowledge their efforts and dedication. Eventually, he also made a mention of the WWE’s recent sale.

Triple H

This morning, the official announcement was made regarding the sale of WWE to Endeavor. Which will result in the merger of the two organizations to establish a distinct entity.

Once the agreement is concluded, Endeavor will possess a controlling stake of 51 percent in WWE, with the remaining 49 percent belonging to the current WWE shareholders.

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