NFL star Darren Waller’s wife mocks Raiders coach Josh McDaniels for trading TE over personal vendetta

Raiders TE Darren Waller being traded to the Giants seems to tick off his newlywed wife, Kelsey Plum, as she exploded a savage bomb by taking a subtle jab at the Raiders’ coach Josh McDaniels on Twitter.

The WNBA All-Star MVP Kelsey Plum tied the knot with Darren Waller at the beginning of this month with a private ceremony, and the coach McDaniels was the first to reveal the news. The #83 was much bothered with McDaniels for leaking the news before the couple made any public announcement.

Raiders’ second-year head coach now again pissed the couple off by trading Waller just 10 days after the sports power couple got married, letting them have a long-distance marriage.

Following the trade of Darren Waller, the former Commanders Robert Griffin III tweeted, remarking Josh McDaniels as ” Not a romantic,” while also announcing the couple’s marriage, with the added humorous touch of Waller’s trade being the former coaches’ “wedding present.” 

What did the wife of Darren Waller say about Raiders coach Josh McDaniels?

Current WNBA Champion Kelsey took to Twitter to vent over McDaniels as she sarcastically responded to the tweet, saying the coach not getting invited to the couple’s marriage could be the reason for the trade.

Not just Robert Griffin III and Kelsey Plum, the move of Darren Waller trade didn’t impress many people, especially when it’s not over a month since the duo got married.

Though McDaniels didn’t get invited to Darren’s wedding, he seemingly got invited to the Raiders Maxx Crosby’s wedding as he seemingly attended that.

McDaniels is already infamous for not being on good terms with the players, as we can see in the recent NELPA report cards where the Raiders were given good grades except for the head coach.

Darren Waller has been with the Las Vegas Raiders since 2018 and gradually developed himself as one of the core parts of the team. The 30-year-old TE hardly played one season under McDaniels as he struggled with injuries most of the time.

The ex-Raiders will start his new journey with the Giants as he was traded on Tuesday during the NFL’s free agency legal tampering period.

Fans are waiting for the veteran TE to bounce back and return to his former form in 2019 and 2020 when he used to record 1,000-yard receiving yards.

How excited are you to see Darren Waller playing for the Giants? Tell us in the comments.


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