“No one is sad” Jake Pauls’ heartwarming statement following Fury loss receives merciless mocking on Twitter

Jake Paul has been one of the biggest names in boxing for the last couple of years for all the wrong reasons. When the YouTuber defeated the likes of Ben Askren, Anderson Silva, and Tyron Woodley, the entire combat sports universe was put on notice. Now he is getting brutally mocked for finally taking a loss.

The former Vine star addressed his fans on Twitter, “To all my young fans, I love you. Don’t be saddened by my loss. Life is full of ups and downs. You just have to learn from your failures and come back better. Hard work, hard work, hard work. I will be back.”

Some fans mocked him with statements like, “I’m not crying, I’M CELEBRATING!”, “Jake Paul looks 50 years old after getting rocked by Tommy Fury and now thinks he has young fans. Lol.”, “Your fans are like 8 kids who have no boxing knowledge they really thought you were the best.”, and,  “No one is sad. Take your L. Cry LMFAO.”

Does Jake Paul deserve all the hate he is getting?

We don’t want to kick people while they are down, but things are not looking bad for ‘The Problem Child’. Even after losing the match, the Ohio native teased a payday of $30 million on his Instagram. Such an amount is almost the same as Tyson Fury and Jake has already hit that mark without facing any high-level fighters.

While Jake addressing his young fans can seem like a heart-touching act, he is still not a very good role model. He backs a betting company and uses inappropriate imagery in some of his media posts. He has also talked a lot of trash in the lead-up to this fight. Claiming to beat the big names in combat sports will probably come with such reactions.

Let’s hope the Youtuber fixes his act going forward.


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