“No one should be encouraging this” NFL fans react to Antonio Brown’s transition to music career after end of his football life

Antonio Brown has always been a polarizing figure in the NFL universe. From his on-field heroics to his off-field antics, he has never shied away from the limelight. And now, with his retirement from professional football, Brown has embarked on a new career in music. 

However, his transition to the music world has received mixed reactions from fans. Many fans are expressing their disapproval of his latest career move. This article delves into the fan reactions to Antonio Brown’s transition to a music career after the end of his football life.

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver retired from professional football in 2021. He hopes his music career will be as successful as his football career once was.

Brown recently performed at the ‘Rolling Loud’ music festival in California. He entertained the crowd with his music and antics. At the festival, he had the crowd in a frenzy as he jumped into the crowd with a necklace worth $500K around his neck. It was an ostentatious display that left many fans bewildered.

What was the fan’s reaction to the performance of Antonio Brown?

Antonio Brown

Despite the overwhelming response of the festival-goers, who were clearly enamored with his performance, social media was awash with negative comments and criticism of Brown’s behavior. Many fans deemed his performance embarrassing. And many derided those who attended his concert. 

One fan wrote, “No one should be encouraging this”.

Another fan wrote, “Legit this the most embarrassing swap of careers in history of mankind”

 Other fans also shared their views,

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Brown has performed at the ‘Rolling Loud’ music festival. He did so last year after leaving the Buccaneers team. And his performance was equally controversial. Brown has always been known for his antics on social media. And it remains to be seen whether his retirement from the NFL will mark the end of his eccentric behavior. 

The fan reactions to Antonio Brown’s transition to music after the end of his football life highlight that fans are disappointed with his career transition. Fans are skeptical and deride his behavior. 

As Brown continues to make headlines with his music career, it remains to be seen how fans will ultimately perceive his transition. However, what is clear is that Antonio Brown will continue to be a controversial figure, both on and off the field. And fans will undoubtedly have a lot to say about his every move.


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