“One-year wonder”: Skip Bayless delivers brutal judgment on Ezekiel Elliott’s Cowboys career

Renowned sports commentator Skip Bayless, known for his outspoken opinions, did not hold back as he delivered a scathing assessment of Ezekiel Elliott’s career with the Dallas Cowboys.

Elliott is a two-time rushing champion with a record of 8,262 rushing yards and 68 touchdowns. He holds the title of three-time Pro Bowler in seven seasons with the Cowboys.

The Dallas team decided to keep the 27-year-old out of their upcoming roster by releasing him hours before the free agency period begins as he was tagged as the worst starting RB in the last season in the NFL after finishing last in the league in yards per carry with 3.8.

What did Skip Bayless say about Ezekiel Elliott’s Dallas Cowboys career?

The Fox Sports commentator Skip Bayless threw a major shade at the young running back Ezekiel Elliott citing he no longer holds attachment to Zeke as the 27-year-old was much like “a one-year wonder” to him and performed well only in his rookie period.

“I no longer have an emotional attachment to Zeke… want to know the truth about Zeke’s Cowboys career? When you really stand back and look at it, the harder I look, the more it comes clear to me that Ezekiel Elliott was pretty much a one-year wonder. Seriously, a one-year wonder in his rookie year. Was by far his best year” the 71-year-old host stated.

Bayless reminisced about the incredible 2016 season when the Cowboys secured 13-3 with a rookie quarterback and back, however, they went down narrowly to the Packers.

The host of  “Undisputed: Skip and Shannon” later praised Zeke’s performance in that season saying he deserved the title of Rookie of the Year and Offensive Rookie of the Year that Dak got.

“Dak was Rookie of the Year and Offensive Rookie of the Year, but trust me, if you look hard, Zeke deserved that award. Zeke was First Team All-Pro at running back, first team. Zeke led the league in rushing yards in touchdowns”, he further added.

Ezekiel Elliott

As always, Bayless’s fiery opinions and controversial takes continue to generate buzz and stir up discussion in the sports world.

There are no updates of other teams pursuing Elliott, however, he reportedly wishes to get himself enrolled in the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets, or Cincinnati Bengals’ squad. No team wanting a two-time rushing champion on their squad seems surprising and brutal as of now.

Do you agree with Bayless’s comment regarding Zeke? or do you think his perception was wrong? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments.



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