OnlyFans model turned KingPyn boxer “flashed b**bs” at crowd after victory at DAZN boxing event

In the world of boxing, where traditional matchups between professional fighters have long been the norm, a new trend has emerged in recent years: the inclusion of internet influencers in the ring. This trend has gained significant attention and popularity, as events such as the KingPyn tournament have taken center stage.

The KingPyn tournament, in particular, has been instrumental in bridging the gap between the online world and the boxing scene. It has attracted a wide array of participants, not only from the realm of YouTube but also from various other domains of influence, such as Instagram models, gamers, OnlyFans stars, musicians, and more

Who is KingPyn boxer Daniella Hemsley?

Daniella Hemsley, who has accumulated a significant following and influence through her online platforms, emerged as the winner tonight after impressively showcasing her improved boxing skills.

However, the unfolding events during the live streaming of the fight featuring the OnlyFans influencer were entirely unprecedented, captivating the attention of fans, media, and the general audience. 

As the cameras rolled and the crowd eagerly anticipated the bout between Daniella and Daniel, the atmosphere brimmed with astonishment.

Bizarre Celebration by Daniella Hemsley

What occurred next during the announcement of the results was probably not expected by anybody. The OnlyFans influencer, known for her provocative content on the adult platform, shockingly exposed her breasts during the live broadcast.

The unexpected action of the OnlyFans influencer caught both KingPyn and DAZN officials off guard, leaving them uncertain about how to intervene and prevent Daniella Hemsley from exposing herself. However, the winner ironically showed ‘restraint’ from engaging in further provocative behavior shortly after the incident.

The video of the flashing incident quickly spread across various social media platforms, going viral within a short period. Daniella faced widespread criticism for her actions, particularly due to the fact that the event was witnessed by thousands of children.

At this time, there are no confirmed updates regarding any potential repercussions she may face. However, it is highly likely that she will be subject to a significant fine for her unconventional celebration.

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