Packers’ players brutally mock Vikings after they suffer humiliating loss vs Giants in wild-card round

The rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings has been sparked again after the Vikings’ exit from the wild card round last night.

The Packers-Vikings rivalry has taken on a new dimension in the modern NFL era. This season, the Vikings have clinched the NFC North, whereas the Packers failed to claim the playoff spot with just a win. Both rival fans and players got engaged in social media banter after games.

What did Packers’ players say after the Vikings’ loss?

The Vikings were eliminated from contention for the divisional round after a 24-31 loss to the New York Giants. The divisional rival Packers player did not back down from the mockery on this occasion. Several Packers players mocked the Vikings on social media.

Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari was very pleased to watch the Vikings lose.

The 25-year-old cornerback Keisean Nixon posted a video of Jaire Alexander doing the Griddy celebration against the Vikings just after the game.

Devondre Campbell was laughing in tears after the Vikings’ demise.

Rasul Douglas, the Super Bowl champion cornerback, chastised the Vikings for failing to score on 4th and 8 at the end of the game.

The Vikings were literally clueless in the fourth quarter. They only scored three points and lost the opportunity after a debatable penalty was awarded by the referee. Despite, the giants were not that much of a giant, they managed to get better off the Vikings.

Previously, the Vikings were seen celebrating the Packers’ elimination after losing to the Detroit Lions. It seems the Vikings are the four-time Super Bowl champions who have found their new nemesis. Furthermore, the Packers have a mediocre record against the Vikings, having won only 50% of their meetings.


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