Paige Spiranac reveals the name of team she’s rooting for in Super Bowl LVII

Paige Spiranac recently took the opportunity to reveal her favorite team for Sunday’s Super Bowl LVII between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Paige Spiranac, who spent this week covering Super Bowl LVII for Inside Edition, has finally revealed which team she will be pulling for today. Is it the Philadelphia Eagles or the Kansas City Chiefs?

The former professional golfer is now a devoted supporter of the Eagles. Spiranac announced her decision in an Instagram post on February 10. She was profiled in the first image in her collection, sporting a white crop top and sassy black athletic shorts.

“Slide to picture number 2 to see who I’m rooting for at the big game this year!” she wrote in her caption. “Who do you think will win? Eagles or Chiefs?”

The front of Spiranac’s garment, which said, “Shakes for Philadelphia touchdowns,” was revealed in the slide’s second image. Her near-flawless makeup comprised a nude lip and winged eyeliner, and her blonde hair was done in a sleek and wavy blowout. The Playing a Round podcast host was captured in the final image on the slide striking a cute, amusing pose.

Paige Spiranac posted a similar image on Twitter and invited her 786,000+ followers to leave predictions in the comments section about the winner of Super Bowl LVII.

“Chiefs or Eagles? Who do you think will win,” she asked, to which one person quipped, “Paige will win.”

In just three hours, Spiranac’s post garnered over 80,000 likes. That shouldn’t come as a big surprise given that she has 3.7 million followers. If it seems like Spiranac has been in the news constantly lately, that is probably because she has.

She has become a constant in the news cycle thanks to her now-famous Joe Burrow video, wild Christmas party photographs, and denial of dating Brady rumors.

She is also still producing content quickly on top of everything else. She will cover the Super Bowl for Inside Edition this weekend, for instance.

Spiranac’s supporters who support her Super Bowl attitude do so. Others, though, want the Chiefs to triumph. On Sunday night, we’ll find out if the Eagles can defeat the Chiefs without incident in Super Bowl LVII.



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