Patrick Mahomes’ former Super Bowl winning teammate drops truth bomb on free agency saying “it was a little different”

Andrew Wylie, former Super Bowl-winning teammate of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes dropped a “truth bomb” about free agency, remarking the experience was “a little different” than the expectation.

The 6-foot, 304-pound inked a three-year, $24 million contract with Washington Commanders in this legal tampering period.

Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes and Andrew Wylie had great chemistry in the Chiefs, including the recent Super Bowl win against Philadelphia Eagles. Earlier had a planned play meant for his former teammate Andrew Wylie as the offensive tackle is an avid Pokemon collector.

What did Andrew Wylie say about the free agency process?

The offensive tackle Andrew Wylie spoke candidly about the free agency process with “Ups and Adams” presenter Kay Adams. Kay questioned him about the procedure, including how it looked, how long it took, and what it meant to accompany former offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy to the commanders.

After five seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, Wylie will relish his chance to work with assistant head coach Bieniemy once more on the Commander’s team.

Wylie had high praises for the coach saying, ” Well, you know, I got so much praise for coach EB speaking on my behalf, fighting for me to get into that building, so that means the world to me and I’m ready to fight for that guy, just like we have for the last five years together. I did this whole free agency thing last year and it took a little while, money drives up pretty quick so I ended up signing a one-year deal last year.”

Andrew Wylie
Former Chiefs coach Eric Bieniemy.

The former Chiefs player continued describing the free-agency period as “a little different” this year due to having already received a couple of offers on the first day. He continued by explaining the intention to finalize the deal in a week, later his agency had presented him with other proposals, including the Commander’s, and Wylie also praised his agent for seizing the opportunity.

Andrew Wylie

“This free agency was a little bit different. Me and my agent kind of went back-and-forth, you know, we thought we were going to get something done in a week but then he shows up at my spot here on the first day with a few offers. That was really cool to be a part of and the fact that DC came in with a little bit of a bag there, so me and him, I couldn’t be more thankful for my agent”, Wylie stated.

The Commanders are looking to make significant progress in the upcoming season in addition to the signing of Wylie, however, it’s as yet a mystery whether Wylie will play left tackle or right tackle.


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