Patriots’ HC Bill Belichick’s new offseason photo buying Sub in Massachusetts puts smile on fans face

Before returning to the football field, Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots, will have a few weeks off. What he’s been up to with that free time was recently caught on camera. On Friday, a social media user showed a picture of Belichick placing his order for an Italian sub sandwich at a well-known restaurant. Some also observed that he appeared much thinner than usual while he was wearing his signature hooded sweatshirt.

His typical paunch, which has long been one of his notable features, was gone. Instead, he looks much more physically fit and trim. Twitter users loved seeing Belichick looking so fit. However other people were more curious to find out where Belichick gets his Italian subs.


“Belichick is a Marzilli’s guy (Fall River. Best Italian subs in the world)! Smartest man there is. Also looking slim as hell,” Feitelberg of Barstool Sports tweeted.

“Coach looking good! Hope he tipped well on that,” one fan wrote.

“This is an insane picture. Belichick hands in the pocket looking like a Dad just happy to be off work for the weekend even if it means a nagging wife and abhorrent children. His one moment of solace is letting Franco the deli man share his wisdom and business practice. Lovely,” another fan joked.

“Bill looking so hot,” one fan added.

“Is Bill going boot cut here? Always zigging when everyone else is zagging,” one fan added.

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots missed the playoffs in 2023 for the second time in the previous three seasons. They had a mediocre offense, and for the first time since Belichick took over as head coach, both units finished below the top 10.

As a result, the Patriots started the offseason by making some significant adjustments to their coaching staff, the most prominent of which was the reappointment of Bill O’Brien as their offensive coordinator.

Yet the Patriots need something exceptional this next season if they have any hopes of winning the playoffs and going back to the Super Bowl after four consecutive years without it.

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