Rams QB Matthew Stafford ready for NFL comeback following injury-plagued 2022 : “I definitely feel good”

After producing and putting on a poor physical display last season, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford was supposed to retire after 14 years of a professional career.

However, he didn’t step back from the challenge and started to rebuild his body, recovering fully fit for another season. He played two consecutive seasons in Los Angeles after moving from the Detroit Lions in 2021.

In a recent interview, Matthew appeared fully fit and confident ahead of the next season and expressed his desire to play another season for the Rams.

Matthew Stafford

What did Matthew Stafford say?

The 35-year-old veteran appeared at a press conference on Sunday and declared himself fully fit for the next season. “I mean, I felt really confident I was coming back. I feel like more people were less confident in that than I was,” he stated.

“But I was ready to go, ready to play, as soon as I was cleared. And I feel great, I feel healthy. I’m not 25, but I definitely feel good,” the 2021 Super Bowl winner added.

The veteran quarterback played 12 years for the Lions, but except for comeback player of the year in 2011 and the Pro Bowl in 2014, there wasn’t much noteworthy team achievement. although his individual performance was always top-notch and delivered real trouble for the opponent.

For the Rams, Stafford could play only nine games following winning the Super Bowl; he scored 10 touchdowns, made 8 interceptions, and accumulated 2,087 yards in passing at his career-best 68.0 percent passing completion rate despite being injury-prone.

“Yeah, I’ll be out there. I’ve been throwing with the guys a decent amount leading up to this. So, I feel good,” the Rams star said. “Obviously, going to do everything I can to try to be as healthy as I can at all times.”

The fans are anticipating watching Matthew Stafford play one more season. Can he produce any stellar performances next season? We’ll see; till then, stay tuned to SportsZion.

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