Ranking the top 10 best bicycle kick goals in history

When done properly, the bicycle kick is one of the most amazing things to watch on a football field, and the sheer act of kicking an aerial ball backward by a player with his back facing the goal post is referred to as an overhead kick or a scissors kick.

Some people have near-perfect mastery of the art of football. However, there are instances when a near-perfect moment may momentarily stop millions of people in their tracks, and the best bicycle kick goals can be the best example on this aspect.

Now, let’s find out the best bicycle kicks in soccer.

Listing the 10 best bicycle kick goals ever made in football

About whose invention the bicycle kick is, there are some disagreement but according to one account, it was invented by Ramón Galeano, who immigrated to Chile from Spain in the early 20th century.

10) Oliver Giroud

Oliver Giroud, an former Arsenal and Chelsea striker, is known for scoring a lot of bizarre goals, so even he was taken aback when he skillfully executed a bicycle kick against Atletico Madrid in the round of 16 of the 2020–2021 UEFA Champions League.

Olivier Giroud scoring against Atletico

9) Andy Caroll

Andy Caroll has undoubtedly fallen short of the high expectations in his injury-plagued career, but he still has a position in our list of footballers who have made the best bicycle kicks in history thanks to his magnificent overhead kick against Crystal Palace in 2017 and therefore, he ranks ninth on our list.

Andy Caroll against Crystal Palace

8) Oscarine Masaluke

Oscarine Masaluke, a South African, scored one of the most impressive goals ever with a last-second bicycle kick for Baroka against Orlando Pirates in 2016. The strike was so outstanding that it earned the shot-stopper a Puskas award nomination in 2017.

Bicycle kick in South African league

7) Philippe Mexes

In the UEFA Champions League in 2011, Phillipe Mexes, a former defender for AC Milan, scored a spectacular overhead kick against Anderlecht of Belgium. It was the Frenchman’s first goal for the team at the time, and it was undoubtedly a memorable one.

Mexes for AC Milan

6) Peter Crouch

Former Liverpool FC forward Peter Crouch arguably scored one of the best UCL bicycle kick goals in the history of the tournament against Turkish Champion Galatasaray in 2006 campaign.

Peter Crouch

5) Gareth Bale

With a magnificent bicycle kick goal against Liverpool in the 2017–2018 UEFA Champions League Final, Gareth Bale capped off one of the finest individual performances a Real Madrid player has ever had in the UCL.

Gareth Bale

4) Wayne Rooney

When Wayne Rooney scored a spectacular bicycle kick to give Manchester United a 2-1 victory over longtime rivals Manchester City in a game in 2011, it became one of the most memorable moments in English Premier League history.

Wayne Rooney

3) Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo furthered his reputation as one of the best players ever before moving to Juventus in 2018 by scoring an incredible bicycle kick goal against Juventus during the 2017–2018 UCL season.

Cristiano Ronaldo

2) Lionel Messi

Argentine skipper Lionel Messi recently scored an outrageous bicycle kick goal against Clermont for PSG in the opening match of Ligue One yesterday and therefore this stunning goal is our second best iconic bicycle kick goal in our top ten list.

Lionel Messi bicycle kick goal for PSG  

1) Zlatan Ibrahimovic

When the Swedish striker unleashed an outlandish bicycle kick against England from more than 35 yards away, it stunned the whole football world and put it in stasis.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Although many might dispute that the goal was scored in a friendly, nobody can disagree that it is the finest bicycle kick goal in football history and therefore we ranked it as the best ever bicycle kick goal in modern football as of today.


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