Red cards flash following multiple mass brawls in USA vs Mexico, exploring the consequences for USA ahead of Concacaf Nations League Final

The passion of fans and the skill of players often collide in sports, and soccer is no exception. There are occasions when the game takes an unexpected turn, transforming into a chaotic spectacle reminiscent of a wrestling match. The beautiful game frequently witnessed such unfortunate incidents leaving a stain on the pristine nature of the game.

Even in last year’s world cup, we saw a match between Argentina and Netherlands with many cards. Just like that, last night, another chapter was added to this unfortunate narrative as the CONCACAF Nations League match between the United States and Mexico reached a boiling point, ultimately descending into a wrestling match.

CONCACAFA Nations League Final

Rivalry reaches boiling point, ensues brawl, stoppages at CONCAFA Nations League 

Yesterday two North American countries USA and Mexico face each other to book their spot in the final of the CONCACAF Nations League. America started the match in a great fashion as they got the lead in the 37 minutes of the game.

A goal by their captain Cristian Pulisic took them ahead. Then at the beginning of the second half again their captain scored his and the team’s second goal just in the 46th minute. 

The game was going well as the United States was in a very comfortable zone to book their place in the final. However, in the 68th minute of the game, Cesar Montes the Espanyol centre back did a rough tackle on Florian Balogun. 

As he kicked the American centre forward a fight breaks out between both team players. After the foul, the Salvadorian referee showed him a straight red card. Due to the fight referee also showed Weston McKennie a straight red. 

After the first phase of the fight, Ricardo Pepi scored the third goal for America. The goal ended the match for Mexico and America confirm their spot in the final.  

The fight continues for a long time and the match reaches boiling point. 12 minutes of extra time was added after the 90 minutes and the stoppages affected the game a lot. 

However, this is not the only fight that happened between the team. Again in the 83rd minute, the American right back Sergino Dest and Mexican left back Gerardo Arteaga went into a battle.

The referee showed straight red to both players. In the extra time, Mexican fans did homophobic chants. As a result, the referee finishes the game 4 minutes before the stoppage time.

Red cards doom the USA for the finals

In the match against Mexico, two starting players from the main XI were shown red. As a result, America will miss their top players in the final of the CONCAFA Nations League where they will face Canada. 

It is obvious that the absence of these two players will be very much effective for the team. However, USA will try to win the final without their star defender and midfielder. 

They need to find out the correct substitutes to play in that title deciding match.

How do you think the absence of key players due to red cards will impact the USA’s chances in the final against Canada? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!



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