Lionel Messi fan’s daring leap from stands for hug creates stir during Argentina’s win vs Australia in International friendly

Ahh! The name Lionel Messi is not just a name for football fans. Lionel Messi the Argentine GOAT is an emotion of millions of football fans in the world. Whenever you close your eyes and in your mind you say the name Lionel Messi it’s like a special feeling.

The little boy from Rosario Santa Fe is not a common man in the world. He lives in the heart of millions of people around the globe. Back in 2004, a little boy from Argentina played his first match for Barcelona against Espanyol.

No one at that time thought that this little boy will conquer the world someday. The day passes Messi plays and becomes great, best, legend and finally the goat.

Lionel Messi

Fan jumps from the stand for a hug with Lionel Messi

Fans rushing to the ground just to meet and greet the little magician, Lionel Messi is a common sight across the globe. Soccer fanatics come flocking to Messi, eager to embrace him, reach out and touch his golden feet, and even risk defying the ban just to steal a kiss from their beloved idol.

A little meeting with him is like a successful life for his fans. Wherever Messi goes in the world his fans follow him. When Messi went to China to play a friendly match against Australia the scene didn’t change there as well. 

Messi is like an addiction for his fans. The match starts between Argentina and Australia at the very beginning within 2 minutes the GOAT shines and made his impact. The former Barca star scored the opener for his team and gave the lead. 

In the match between Argentina and Australia a young Chinese fan suddenly came up to the ground and ran towards Messi to hug. The young fan didn’t stop there after hugging Messi he continues his run and gave a high five to Emiliano Martinez.

After hugging Messi and giving a high-five to Emiliano Martinez the fan continues his run. He made the security guards tired as he run the whole ground up and down.

Finally, he got caught by the security guard and went out from the pitch. The game resumes and Argentina got a comfortable 2-0 victory over their rivals.

Argentina beat Australia in an international friendly

A friendly match was organized between Argentina and Australia in Beijing in Workers Stadium. The referee blows his whistle and the match begins in China. Argentina kicks off the match. 

The fans got what they went on to watch for. As Messi scored in just 2 minutes of the game and gave Argentina a very crucial lead at the beginning of the match. 

After the first goal was scored by Messi in 2nd minute, the second goal was scored in the 68th minute by Germán Pezzella for Argentina. The second goal settled the match for Argentina and they got a comprehensive victory. 

Argentina will play their next friendly match against Indonesia on the 18th of June. The match will be played at Gelora Bung Karno stadium in Indonesia. And we may also witness this kind of madness from fans again as Messi will go down to the pitch.  

So, do you expect this kind of madness will continue in Indonesia as well? Let us know in the comments section!



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