Robinho starts nine-year prison sentence with 10-day isolation in tiny cell for gang rape

Robinho, a well-known name in Brazil who was even picked by Pele as his successor, gained fame as a star player in the early 2000s. He was renowned for his exceptional dribbling skills and played for top clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester City.

Unfortunately, the 40-year-old Brazilian was suspended by Santos in 2020 after news of his involvement in a criminal offense in Italy emerged in the media. As of now, he has been arrested by the Brazilian Police for his crime.

Robinho sent to Brazilian prison for gang rape charges

In 2017, a court in Milan found Robinho and his five friends guilty of gang-raping a woman at a nightclub in Milan by dosing her with excessive alcohol. The conviction was confirmed three years later by a court in 2020, and then it was eventually validated by Italy’s Supreme Court in 2022.

Brazil does not usually extradite its citizens, which is why Italy requested last year that Robinho should serve his prison sentence in his home country. However, Brazil did not reopen any discussions about the conviction as they were focusing only on determining if the sentence in Italy was valid in Brazil.

However, on the evening of 21 March 2024, Robinho was finally arrested for his crimes and was sent to a nine-year prison time, which will begin with a 10-day isolation in a tiny cell.

Taking a closer look at Robinho’s bizarre life

Robinho was once a highly-talented football player, regarded as a wonderkid, and expected to achieve great things. However, he made poor choices and engaged in various wrongful activities due to his fame and wealth.

Robinho has been accused of several offenses and has been involved in many other similar incidents, which have negatively impacted his reputation. These accusations and controversies have overshadowed his once-promising career and left a lasting flaw in his legacy.

However, Robinho states that he is innocent of the crime and that everything that happened was done after obtaining the consent of the lady. He even blamed racism in Italy for his conviction.

Robinho has commenced his nine-year prison sentence. As part of his sentence, he was subjected to a 10-day isolation period in a cramped cell. This has left many football fans feeling satisfied with the verdict.

After a long battle for justice, the victim’s family finally gets closure. This sends a message to those who misuse their power and take unfair advantage of the weak.


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