The Rock shuts down “horsesh*t” rumors involving WWE and TKO

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has made quite the news after arriving at WWE this year. From taking shots at Cody Rhodes to even mentioning his mother in his promo, he has taken a complete turn to heel ahead of WrestleMania 40. The expletive-laden rants have stood out, particularly among the fans.

Now there are reports that the WWE administration is particularly unhappy with The Rock’s language after his return. The show is themed toward all ages, with children among some of its biggest fans. With all this going on, Dwayne Johnson has shared his critique on the subject.

The Rock sheds light on major WWE rumors

Recently, the Wrestling Observer shared reports that TKO, the owners of the WWE franchise, has taken notice of The Rock’s profanity-laden promo and wants it toned down. They are looking for him to take a more PG-13 approach with his content.

FOX broadcasts WrestleMania and all its connected shows have censored The Rock’s broadcast since he arrived. It was even reported that they received copies of his script before the show aired.

Now The Rock has dismissed the reports as ‘horsesh*t’ on Twitter. With this tweet, he has confirmed that he won’t be changing his tone and will come down as hard on his ‘American Nightmare’ nemesis.

The Rock’s unhinged promos excite fans ahead of WrestleMania 40

Dwayne Johnson has dropped an electrifying promo on Twitter ahead of his WrestleMania appearance. It is a montage of The Rock’s previous appearances this season, where he interacts with the audience. He has a simple message to his audience: ‘Sit back and enjoy the ride’ referring to his feud with Cody Rhodes that generated a ton of attention.

The Brahma Bull famously slapped Cody Rhodes during the WrestleMania press meet to ignite the feud. He appeared alongside Roman Reigns as part of The Bloodlines. When confronted by Rhodes, The Rock lost his cool and hit him.

Later on, he took a dig at fans of Cody Rhodes while speaking in the Pat McAfee show, referring to them as ‘Cody Crybabies’. Apparently, The Rock was pushing for a match with the leader of The Bloodlines, Roman Reigns, which was not received well by the fans. The phrase was intended as his reply to the backlash.

So far, his heel persona seems to have paid off, with his promotions gathering a lot of attention. With the heat reaching unprecedented levels in SmackDown between rivals Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes in SmackDown recently, fans are surely sure to get a great match waiting for them in WrestleMania 40.


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