Ryan Garcia’s trainer suggests Devin Haney’s loss by KO would’ve been better after swollen face

After Ryan Garcia’s surprising victory over Devin Haney on Saturday night, trainer Derrick James shared an unconventional viewpoint about Haney. According to Garcia’s trainer, Devin Haney may have benefited from being knocked out rather than a point-loss defeat.

Throughout the intense battle, Haney hit the canvas on three separate occasions, yet he showed incredible resilience and continued to fight until the very end. He was observed to have significant swelling around his jaw during his post-fight interview.

Having witnessed the extent of the damage firsthand that night, James strongly believes that it would have been more favorable if the WBC super-lightweight champion had been knocked out early. Talking to Fight Hype, James said, “I think it would have been better for [Haney] to get knocked out [early] because it’s going to be hard to recover from getting beat up like that.”

He then continues, “He’s a good fighter. He’ll be back. He’s still young. He can be hungry. He’s 25. The game plan was always about taking everything from [Haney].”

Garcia claimed soon after the bout that Haney’s jaw had been broken, a result that would have been expected given the visible injuries. However, Haney confirmed on his X that he was well and ready for a rematch later that year.

“I am 100 percent okay and would love to do it again while we both make weight,” he wrote.

‘King Ry’ has become a highly sought-after figure in the sport and can expect to face numerous challenges in the weeks ahead.

Ryan Garcia issues challenge to British Fighter for London showdown

After an overwhelming victory against Devin Haney, fans of the boxing world are eagerly speculating about Ryan Garcia’s next formidable challenger. Meanwhile, Ryan Garcia is basking in the glory and making waves on social media. He has been dropping a number of names for his next fight.

One individual he brought up is Conor Benn, a British contender who took the time to praise Garcia for his impressive performance. Ryan said, “I will fracture you SPLEIN and then eat it, Let’s run it in London at the 02.”

The two individuals continued their exchange, with Benn ultimately asserting his willingness to confront King Ry in any given location.

So, are you looking forward to Ryan Garcia’s upcoming fight in London, UK?

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