Sean Strickland annihilates Ian Garry’s wife Layla with brutal response: “Little insecure succubus demon”

Sean Strickland, the former UFC Middleweight Champion, took aim at Layla Machado Garry, Ian Garry’s wife, after Layla expressed her views on Strickland’s accusations regarding the Garry family’s personal life.

In a video shared on her social media platforms, Layla addressed rumors circulating within the MMA community and clarified aspects of her relationship with Ian, while also taking a jab at Strickland in the process.

Ian Garry’s wife fires shots at Sean Strickland

Layla Machado Garry, Ian Garry’s wife, shared a video on her social media platforms to dispel rumors about her relationship with the Welterweight title contender. While addressing the rumor accusing Ian Garry of infidelity, Layla clarified that those making such accusations were ignorant of the true meaning of the term.

“Step up, Sean Strickland,” Layla remarked, referring to the crass language and demeanor of Strickland, who unknowingly used Shakespearean English while referring to Ian in a derogatory manner.

Layla then proceeded to quote the origin of the word, from the Shakespearean classic, Othello, recalling the original story where Lago lied to Othello about Desmond’s adultery, and called it a serendipitous moment that Sean Strickland also lied. Quoting the book again, Layla said that Lago was driven by insecurity and jealousy and so is Sean Strickland.

Sean Strickland claps back at Ian Garry’s wife

Sean Strickland shared a video response filmed in his garage on X (formerly Twitter) and proceeded to address Layla Garry’s video. Sean also refused to mention her name or acknowledge her in any way, stating that ‘demons get stronger when you mention their name’.

Sean Strickland then proceeded to call Layla Machado Garry a ‘succubus demon,’ and that he would not directly take her name because all demons want is power and attention. Sean then proceeded to take crass shots at Layla, saying that nobody wanted to look at her video as ‘she is old and fake.’

“You talk about me, you bring my f***king name up. You have never achieved anything in your life except deuce famous men for a living,” said Strickland.

Sean also proceeded to mention that the MMA community had ‘accepted’ Ian Garry and his wife ‘as disgusting as they are’ but she brought up the entire thing over again and wants to ruin her husband’s name further.


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