Why is Lions CB Cameron Sutton wanted by police?

NFL players are busy signing with new teams and restructuring their contracts for the 2024 season. However, for Lions CB Cameron Sutton, the situation is entirely different. 

Instead of worrying about his career, the CB is dealing with legal issues, as recently he was declared wanted by police. 

What did Cameron Sutton do to be on wanted list?

Cameron Sutton has become a wanted man in Florida, as cops have declared they are looking for him to arrest him. The CB is allegedly involved in a violent incident with a woman, reportedly his girlfriend Courtney Alexander, earlier this month.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office shared that a victim called the cops early in the morning on March 7. Reportedly, she claimed that she had been roughed up by Cameron Sutton.

“We learned that he was in a verbal altercation with an adult female at that home. That verbal altercation escalated to a physical altercation where the victim sustained multiple injuries to her head, her neck, her shoulders and that sparked the 911 call that came from that home.”

However, when the cops reached her, Sutton was already gone. Since then, police have been trying to arrest him but couldn’t track him down. They even checked his residence in Pinellas County but couldn’t find him. His phone is also not working.

Cameron Sutton

The HCSO officials also put up a warrant post on X seeking help from the public.

“He is wanted for Aggravated Battery – Domestic Violence. He may be driving a Jeep Grand Wagoneer with a plate number of FL-AZ33QB. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Cameron Sutton, please call 813-247-8200.”

Cameron Sutton is now being charged with domestic battery by strangulation. While Sutton is nowhere to be found, his team, the Detroit Lions released a statement claiming that they are aware of this case.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and will not have further comment at this time,” the team said.

The search for Cameron Sutton is continuing, and his decision not to show up indicates that the allegations made against him by his girlfriend are true.

When did Cameron Sutton start dating Courtney Alexander?

Cameron Sutton and Courtney Alexander have been dating since 2019. Both shared an interest in stones, which helped the couple form a stronger bond. Courtney Alexander is known to have an interest in handicrafts as well, including jewelry made with stones.

However, the couple has been extremely private about their relationship. Several media reports suggested that Courtney was frequently spotted in Cameron Sutton’s games.

Cameron Sutton
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There is very little known about Courtney Alexander apart from her interest in art and craft. While it was speculated that the couple was happy together, after the recent incident, it is clear that there was nothing like normality between Cameron Sutton and Courtney Alexander. 

This case will not only affect Cameron Sutton’s personal life but can badly impact his NFL career as well. He has been playing in the league since 2017. But if these allegations are proven true, his current team, the Lions, will also take extreme measures against him.

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