‘Selling PPV is really hard’’: Jake Paul drops truth bomb on boxing bout revenue following BKFC President’s comment illegal streaming

Recently, the president of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship acknowledged how challenging it is to promote PPV events in the face of illegal streaming services. In response, Jake Paul asserted he’s doing this difficult job very simply, changing the boxing scenario in the process. 

About a month ago, in a much-anticipated fight in BKFC 41, Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold fought and the former Middleweight champ suffered a brutal defeat in Broomfield, Colorado’s 1st Bank Center.

In light of the fact that the Bare Knuckle event featured two former UFC stars and some other big names, BKFC CEO David Feldman recently disclosed that they didn’t achieve the PPV sales they had anticipated.

Jake Paul, in a shared tweet, captioned how he is changing the PPV scenario in boxing. The YouTuber-turned-boxer took the credit for bringing a revolution in the whole PPV buy revenue scene in boxing. 

“Selling PPV is really hard. Less than 10 fighters in the world can truly move six figures on their own consistently. Piracy is rampant, competition for eyeballs non-stop. Doing a million buys today is like doing two million buys ten years ago.” Jake tweeted. 

The Problem Child also attached a list of all the boxers who are doing incredibly well in terms of PPV sales.

“Boxing’s current PPV movers no matter the opponent (headlined 3 or more PPVs and did more than 200K in each): Global PPV movers: – Tyson Fury, Canelo and Jake Paul. US PPV movers: – Gervonta Davis, Errol Spence Jr and Deontay Wilder. UK PPV movers: – Anthony Joshua”

Highest PPV revenue earning for Jake Paul in Boxing

In terms of PPV sales, Jake Paul’s fight against Tommy Fury was definitely the biggest success in his boxing career in terms of PPVs sold. His battle on ESPN+ cost a stunning $49.99 in the United States, and it cost £19.95 on BT Sport Box Office in the United Kingdom.

In a tweet, the Problem Child also mentioned his PPV sales figures. Paul revealed the number for his ‘TNT’ battle and said that it was a huge success, bringing in approximately 775,000 PPV buys for his highly acclaimed fight with the young Fury.

What did the BKFC president say about illegal streaming?

David Feldman in an interview with Unlocking the Cage revealed that they anticipated doing more pay-per-views than they actually did. Apparently, they couldn’t meet their goal due to illegal streaming. 

“I just got a report in today that says they found 734,000 illegal streams from that event. So I’m not even pissed off. That’s 734,000 people that watched this event, on top of the people that bought it. We had north of 1 million people in the United States watch this event live. Unbelievable for us .” Feldman said. 

David isn’t bothered by the PPV figures since, even with all of the unlawful streams, 1 million individuals in the United States ‘reportedly’ saw the event. Even if their initial goal was to double the amount they achieved, he still considers it an overall success for BKFC.

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