Packers WR expects smooth transition from Aaron Rodgers to Jordan Love: “I believe Jordan can do the same exact thing”

The Green Bay Packers team appears to have a new lease on life with Jordan Love, a quarterback with less experience than their 18-year veteran four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers.

Passing the torch: Aaron Rodgers praises Jordan Love's 'bright future' amidst trade rumors | WFRV

Compared to Rodgers— a star player on the Packers roster since the beginning of his NFL career in 2005 and helped them win a Super Bowl in  2011— Love has only been with them since 2020, nevertheless, the Packers team possesses more faith in Love than A-rod and this optimism in the quarterback is being expressed by his teammates.

In a recent interview, Romeo Doubs opened up about Jordan becoming the main QB for Green Bay!

Romeo Doubs’ Optimism about Jordan Love

Love has collected faith and affection from the Packers front office earlier and that’s why the team is not much anxious after losing their one-time Super Bowl winner, even Rodgers himself acknowledged Love’s dedication to his craft and said he made progress last season.

Romeo Doubs, a teammate of Jordan the wide receiver, now expressed his support and pride for the quarterback. When the WR was questioned about the changes he noticed in his team following Aaron’s release, he confidently expressed his faith in the quarterback, saying that Love has the knack to guide the team to the ultimate goal like the 39-year-old.

HC Matt LaFleur says Jordan Love has made 'huge strides,' credits Packers QB coach Tom Clements

“No. I think Jordan can do it. I think Jordan is a really good quarterback. When you go from Aaron Rodgers to Jordan, Aaron was a really great quarterback, but I believe Jordan can do the same exact thing. So I don’t really see what’s the big difference,” Doubs said.

How long has Jordan Love played for the Packers?

For the Packers, Jordan Love has played in two seasons. The quarterback did not play in any of the 16 regular-season games or either preseason game in his rookie year.

However, in 2021, he started one game and appeared in six others, completing 36 of 62 passes for 411 yards and two touchdowns, for an average completion percentage of 36. In 2022, he participated in four games with no starts, completing 14 of 21 passes for 195 yards and one touchdown while averaging 9.3.

Early in his career, Love spent time in Green Bay preparing for the role of Aaron Rodgers’ backup quarterback by sitting behind the quarterback.

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“I learned a lot. I was able to watch a great quarterback, how he works every day, how he handles business in the locker room, interacts with teammates, how he attacks every day,” Love said. “Just being able to sit back as a quarterback and observe him, observe his footwork, how the ball comes out of his hands, just how he practices every day and takes that into the game. There’s just very valuable stuff. I was able to sit for three years and kind of just pick his brain and watch him work.”

The Packers quarterback made every effort to resemble Rodgers, and fortunately, it has paid off, allowing him to be able to express himself in a positive light to his teammates and eventually usurp Rodgers’ starting quarterback role.


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