Step inside Conor McGregor’s $3.6 Million Lamborghini Yacht

Conor McGregor is undoubtedly the richest sportsperson in the world. He was named the highest-earning athlete of 2021 by Forbes over the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. And with being rich comes a lavish and luxurious lifestyle!

McGregor has never been shy about flaunting his millions and making extravagant purchases, His “Lamborghini” yacht is the perfect example of that. Yes, Conor McGregor owns a yacht made by none other than the Italian sports car brand Lamborghini!

McGregor forked over upwards of $4 million to get the “supercar of the sea”, an impressive and flamboyant show of his wealth and affluence. The luxury yacht matches Conor McGregor’s personality very well as it is lightweight and detailed with gold much like the exuberant athlete himself.

Inside the Luxurious Conor McGregor Yacht:

In McGregor’s own words, the super boat is “Lamborghini’s first entry into the Sport Yacht World comes in the form of this 63foot, 4000bhp, duel engine, twin turbo, rocket ship”. McGregor customized the interior and exterior of the ship to replicate and market the look of his proper 12 Irish Whiskey brand.

Conor McGregor Yacht
Conor revealed his expensive purchase, The Lamborghini Tecnomar Yacht.

The boat’s Carbon fiber body is designed and painted like a sleek Lamborghini Aventador but on water and much larger! The designs for the Tecnomar yacht were deliberately made to resemble the Aventador. 

Lamborghini Tecnomar will only produce 63 models during its production lifetime, making it a very elusive and collectors edition yacht. As McGregor has always outdone everyone else, he could not resist the temptation of buying the most luxurious yacht in the world!

Conor McGregor is milking his boat for every penny he spent on it! When he is not fighting or in his training camp, he can be seen lounging around inside the watercraft. He probably even lives inside either one of the two bedrooms housed inside it:

Conor McGregor Yacht
Twin beds and a toilet inside the Tecnomar.
Conor McGregor Yacht
Conor McGregor’s bed inside the luxury vessel.

The super boat is not only fitted with flashy and suave colors but also comes in with state-of-the-art control panel and a high-end HUD system. The dashboard and the steering all resemble the deck of a Lamborghini car!

Conor McGregor Yacht
The HUD and control panel of Conor McGregor’s Lamborghini Yacht

McGregor has in fact gone ahead and modded out major areas inside the yacht to include his very own personal gym! The Notorious one revealed his sea-faring workout sessions in a Tweet:

McGregor takes his grand water steed everywhere he can! He showed up to the Monaco Grand Prix on it, and in the process trumped every other celebrity in terms of style!

Fitted with the whole nine yards, Conor can happily wine and dine on the boat as his crew takes him wherever he wants in the world! Conor McGregor needed the rest and relaxation after snapping his shin bone against Dustin Poirier.

The Notorious one is yet to return to the octagon since the incident, but is slowly getting closer to full health! As his recovery continues, Conor McGregor can enjoy riding his boat around the oceans or decide to have dinner in the luxurious lounge area:

Conor McGregor Yacht
The dining and lounge area inside the Lamborghini Tecnomar.

Nobody knows how many fights Conor McGregor has left inside him, If his next bout results in anything less than a win the enigmatic athlete might finally park his yacht for good and live out in the sea for the rest of his life!


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