Stephen A. Smith claims point guard Ben Simmons ‘Stealing Money’ from Nets following his scoring struggles

THE NBA is among one of the most lucrative sports out there, with a professional average earning of $47,374 per year and the highest salary being $40 million per year, ten times the average of the sports industry.

Among the active players’ current contracts, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors gets the largest paycheck of more than $48 million. It seems the point guard has the better share in earnings, as the top two players on the list are playing in that position.

Brooklyn Nets PG Ben Simmons is also among the top ten earners at the point guard position in the NBA. He currently earns more than $35 million per year, trailing only the Nets’ top earner, Kevin Durant. However, popular sports journalist and analyst Steven A. Smith doesn’t agree with Ben Simmons’ salary valuation.

What did Steven A. Smith say about Ben Simmons’ salary?

Steven took a shot at Nets star Ben Simmons in the NBA countdown show on Friday. The analyst didn’t hesitate a bit when calling a spade a spade. “Ben Simmons, it’s a sad situation,” Steve said. “And I don’t mean this literally, because obviously, he’s not doing it, but one would say, he is stealing money.”

As bizarre as it may sound, the 55-year-old did not make a complete mistake. Ben’s record so far in the NBA isn’t as eye-catching as his college career was. Especially when you narrow down your focus on this season’s stats, you might want to re-align with the veteran journalist.

Is Ben Simmons worthy enough according to his income?

In 34 games this season, the former rookie of the year averaged only 7.5 points per game, with 6.8 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game declining. It appears dunking the basket is not his forte; even his other contribution also looks stale this season.

Another analyst and former NBA professional, Jalen Rose, also sang the same song. “Ben Simmons is stealing money. Ski mask and gloves, as a matter of fact,” Rose concluded.

ben simmons
The nets’ plan is to have Ben Simmons fresh (credit: NY Post)

In Simmons’ defense, his recent back injury might take a huge bite out of the athlete’s performance. But, after all, he appears to be in good health, and by bringing a bag full of cash to every game, he is bound to perform much better. His Brooklyn Nets are currently the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference, losing four of their last five games.

Do you think Ben Simmons isn’t worth his money? If his performance were to continue like this, what step might the Brooklyn Nets take? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.


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