What were the TV ratings for the 2022 Super Bowl?

No matter what your take is on football in general, it’s hard to deny that the NFL has a massive following and attracts viewers of all ages.

Television rating data collected by The Nielsen Company over the years shows that the Super Bowl has never attracted less than 39 million viewers in its history, and many ratings have even reached as high as 114 million viewers.

Ever wondered how the NFL’s most watched annual event, the Super Bowl, ranks on television in 2022?

Super Bowl 2022 TV rating

According to Nielsen, Super Bowl 2022 had 112.3 million viewers on all platforms and it is the highest in the last five years.

More than 101 million people watched on NBC and Telemundo, while 11.2 million watched on different streaming services. Although the Super Bowl 56 viewership increased by 4% than last year, the overall TV rating is 36.9 which is the lowest since Super Bowl 3. The Super Bowl 1969 between Jets and Colts had a TV rating of 36.0.

As per NBC report the highest local market rating was from Cincinnati, which grabbed 46.1/84. However, the home city Los Angeles didn’t earn much rating. LA had 36.7/77 and they did not grab the top position.

  1. Cincinnati — 46.1/84
  2. Detroit — 45.9/79
  3. Pittsburgh — 45.6/74
  4. Columbus — 45.4/80
  5. Kansas City — 44.6/76
  6. Milwaukee — 44.0/75
  7. Cleveland — 44.0/78
  8. Boston — 42.6/74
  9. Philadelphia — 42.3/71
  10. Jacksonville — 41.3/73

The tremendous halftime show, competitive game from Rams and Bengals have increased the overall viewership.


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