Super Bowl 2023 Tickets: How much and where Chiefs and Eagles fans can find them

This season of the NFL has been quite exciting for fans, with insane incidents occurring on the field. The tournament had everything- thrilling moments,  sorrowful events on the field, and unexpected results.

Now with the Super Bowl set between the Chiefs and Eagles, fans will be looking forwards to getting Super Bowl 2023 tickets.

While the Eagles were the favorite to play the Super Bowl from the start of the tournament, very few fans expected the Chiefs to qualify as the Bengals destroyed them in the Championship round last season.

Bengal fans, including their mayor, did not hesitate to trash talk and are now wiping their tears. Chiefs fans getting hyped after their win will surely want to watch their stars perform in front of their eyes. Thus, getting the tickets will be their number one priority.

How much will the tickets cost?

The Super Bowl is more than just Football. There are a lot more fans who can get from the main event of the NFL. The Super Bowl also has the “Half-Time” show, which is no less than the best concern on Earth.

So, with so much happening in the event, the prices of tickets are expected to be high. However, tickets this year will cost you more than an average used car! Super Bowl 2023 tickets start just below $5000 and go up to $38,000!

Surprisingly, buying the tickets directly from the stadium is the cheapest option, with game-time prices starting at $4,893.

Where can fans get the tickets?

There are multiple places fans can get the ticket. First, fans can conventionally go to the stadium and buy tickets.

However, some fans might be concerned about whether they run out of stock and will want to buy their tickets online.

Those looking to purchase tickets online can get them on four different websites. These sites and their prices are-

Why are the tickets so expensive?

There are minimal tickets to be sold to the general public. Most tickets are already handed over to the season ticket holders determined by lottery, business sponsors, and NFL members. Other than that, the back seats are cheaper than the from row seats.

You might also want to check on social media as people buying the tickets early might have a change of mind and would like to sell their tickets but don’t be shocked if they offer an overwhelming price. 


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