Super Bowl champ Chiefs’ owner Clark Hunt ranks worst among NFL owners exposed to hilarious fans’ ridicule

Despite their recent back-to-back Super Bowl victories and status as a dominant force in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs face internal challenges. The Hunt family have been controlling the franchise for long enough and under Clark Hunt’s ownership, the Chiefs have seen staggering success in the last decade.

However, it seems the Chiefs boss is not as popular as successful he has been. Recently, Clark Hunt received the worst rating from players, and fans took the opportunity to hurl jibes at the franchise owner.

Chiefs’ owner Clark Hunt is ranked lowest among owners

While the Chiefs are a four-time Super Bowl-winning team, it can’t make their owner the best in the NFL. NFLPA recently revealed a ranking report of NFL teams, coaches, and owners. While the Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid was ranked A plus, the owner of the team was ranked F minus.

Because of Clark Hunt’s worst ranking, the Chiefs also got 31st ranking. Hunt’s worst ranking among all the other owners showcases one thing that the Chiefs players don’t like playing for Clark Hunt.

Reportedly, the players complained that despite promising development in their workplace offering last season, he did nothing to improve that.

“The number one complaint when it comes to the facilities is the locker room. Though the players received actual chairs with backs to sit in at their lockers in response to last year’s feedback, it did not change the fact that the locker room is overdue for a renovation,” the report stated.

Clark Hunt

The Chiefs players also complained about the poor training room. 

“The players feel that the training room is significantly understaffed, with only 43% of the team responding that they get an adequate amount of one-on-one treatment time,” the report read.

Players complained that even the staff doesn’t fulfill their duties fully when the players need treatment and support. All these factors contributed to the worst ranking of Clark Hunt. Surprisingly, the best team in the NFL doesn’t get proper facilities and care. It is the responsibility of Hunt to reinvest in the team from the success they bring with their stellar performance.

NFL fans make fun of Clark Hunt for receiving an F-rank

The F minus ranking of Clark Hunt surprised the fans as well who couldn’t help but mock the NFL owner for receiving the worst ranking despite his team winning back-to-back Super Bowl championships.

Fans speculated on social media that if a quarterback dislikes their team’s owner, it could impact contract negotiations. Hunt also knows that Patrick Mahomes is the big reason behind their success, so if he decides to leave it can badly impact the team’s future.

“If you’re an owner that your QB hates, you’re probably going to have to renegotiate that contract in a year and he’s not giving you an inkling of wiggle room. Clark Hunt might have to put another 250 million in escrow after next season. Or Pat walks after Andy retires.”

Fans expressed disbelief that the Kansas City Chiefs, a highly successful team with recent Super Bowl victories, could have the worst-ranked owner in the NFL.

“How tf does the best team have the worst owner.”

Fans mocked Hunt’s F-rank, finding humor in the disparity between the Chiefs’ accomplishments and their owner’s low rating.

“How you get an F-?”

Overall, the reactions from NFL fans reflect a mix of surprise, humor, and concern regarding Clark Hunt’s F-rank as an owner and its potential impact on the Kansas City Chiefs’ future. If Hunt wants to maintain the success of the Chiefs, he will need to address all the issues his team is facing.

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