Super Bowl LVII: Footage of Rihanna’s Illuminati gesture during halftime show being censored leave NFL fans outraged

Super Bowl LVII was supposed to be a night of excitement, entertainment, and celebration of the best in American football. However, what was supposed to be a memorable halftime show featuring Rihanna has sparked outrage among NFL fans.

Many people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl game primarily for Rihanna’s halftime performance. It’s no surprise, as the business mogul and Grammy-winning star made her live stage debut after a long hiatus from her musical career. Although her performance attracted a viewership of 118.7 million, it failed to satisfy many people. 

The audience complained that the ‘Rude Boy’ singer lip-synched for the entire time. Recently, footage of Rihanna making a controversial gesture made fans even more upset.

Her performance had more viewers than the game itself. Her performance drew 113 million viewers, which is just 5.7 million fewer people than those who watched the game. As the saying goes, “more people, more problems.” Fans on social media noticed that the 34-year-old artist made the Illuminati sign at the end of her performance. This stirred a lot of reactions.

The singer performed some of the best songs from her musical career in the halftime performance. However, the problem arose when she made a diamond shape with her fingers. Fans started speculating if she was making her ties with the group apparent, as the Illuminati is a secret society with powerful members that impose powerful and political decisions in the world. Rumored members of the society are Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, and more.

The sign stirred a lot of controversy in the past because it is generally associated with a mysterious and powerful group. Matters only worsened when her gesture was not shown during the live telecast on television.

Super Bowl LVII proved to be a spectacle that left many fans in awe, but it was also shrouded in controversy. The censored footage of Rihanna’s Illuminati gesture during the halftime show has sparked outrage among NFL fans.

Whether or not the gesture was intentional or simply a harmless pose, the fact remains that it has opened up a wider conversation and controversies. 


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