“The most delusional people walking this earth”: UFC legend slams Logan Paul for taking dig at Tyson Fury

The Paul brothers have made their way into the combat sports world by running their mouths. Yes, they have the skills, undoubtedly. Yet, people would argue that they have marketed themselves capably. Quite often those marketing ploys resulted in calling people out here and there. As many, the UFC legend Michael Bisping is not particularly a fan of that. And he has certainly not been a fan of Logan Paul and his recent call out of Tyson Fury.

Logan has had a scintillating start to his WWE career. However, he is trying to test his waters on a different ground, as it seems. Whether he is willing to box in the ring or step into the octagon, he sure has kept the conversations alive. In a recent revelation, he claimed that he had negotiated a fight against Nate Diaz. Things just did not stop there. Combat sports enthusiasts were fuming after his following remarks. The elder Paul went on to criticize Nate mentioning that he ran away from that fight. Logan, as usual, had to take it too far onward. In a weird turn of events, he then called out Tyson Fury.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul thinks he can take on Tyson Fury in an MMA match

Logan Paul Claims He Could Take on Tyson Fury in an MMA Match

In an interview with Ariel Helwani, Logan made bold claims that he could take on Fury in an MMA match. “I would fight Tyson[Fury] in an MMA fight. I really would,” said Logan.

The ‘Maverick’ has boxed with a boxing legend. He now wants to fight another one. Although he boxed against Floyd Mayweather Jr, he now wants to take on another boxer in MMA. Dropping Fury’s name, Logan claimed that he did not care how big the Briton was. He claimed that he could take on anyone who had not done any ground work. Wrestling is a whole different ball game. And Logan believes that it will not be easy for someone who has never got on the ground to master that craft.

Fury can knock Logan out – that he agreed to. Having said that, Logan pointed out that Fury had to land his punches and knock him out quick. Otherwise, he would drag Fury to the ground. He would choke him out. The YouTuber and wrestler seems very confident about his wrestling.

Micheal Bisping was not a fan of the call-out

Michael Bisping, however, was not impressed by those claims. The former UFC middleweight champion lambasted both of the Paul brothers. It seemed like he wanted them to know their place. Bisping was never particularly a fan of these siblings as he publicly bashed them before as well. Coming across Logan’s interview, Bisping once again could not refrain himself from criticizing him.


He took it to twitter as he wrote, “Him and his brother are 2 of the most delusional people walking this earth.” Bisping just can not stand the Pauls as it seems. Calling someone out like Fury is not everyone’s ball game. And Bisping certainly does not think of it to be any of the Paul brother’s forte.

Then again, the fight would make sense. Tommy Fury, Tyson’s brother, earlier defeated Logan’s younger brother Jake Paul in a boxing match. The elder Logan might lock horns with the elder Fury, to avenge his brother.

What are your thoughts on Logan’s call out? Would you like to watch him fight in the octagon against Tyson Fury?



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