Tom Brady’s rumored girlfriend Veronika Rajek dazzles in loungewear teasing plans for “two months without football” after Eagles’ Super Bowl LVII loss

Tom Brady’s rumored girlfriend, Veronika Rajek, came out with a new Instagram story after the Chiefs emerged as champions for the second time in four years. However, the model was not very happy as she supported the Eagles. Yet she did not forget to congratulate the Chiefs team for their outstanding victory. 

Fans were excited to see miss Slovakia, as she is known for her jaw-dropping attires. Even this time, Veronika did not disappoint her fans and wore a blue crop top and matching shorts. Except for looking attractive, the model added a unique touch to her admiration message for the Super Bowl winners. 

What did Veronika Rajek add while congratulating the Chiefs?

Travis and Jason Kelce are brothers, and both played in the NFL main event but on different teams. While Travis was part of the winning Chiefs team, Jason played for the Eagles. So, Rajek spoke about their mother, Donna Kelce, who had to support both of her children. 

Miss Slovakia said in the Instagram story, “I think the mom of Kelce’s is super proud for both of her sons half of her heart is sad and half of her heart is super proud and super happy sometimes. It’s pretty hard to be a mom.”

Veronika Rajek
Veronika Rajek talks about Donna Kelce.

However, Veronika Rajek did not stop there, as she told her fans what the model plans for the next two months now that the Super Bowl is over.

What did Tom Brady’s rumored girlfriend say regarding her plans?

Veronika starts her second story by saying, “as you know, now, it’s two months without football,” and shares her plans by stating that she is working hard for the draft. Regarding her plans, Rajek said, “but as you can see, I’m already practicing so hard for the draft, so any offers for receiver or DB, contact my manager. Have a nice day.” Even though Veronika was clearly joking, she works extremely hard to maintain her attractive shape.

Veronika Rajek
Veronika Rajek is talking about her plans.

Regarding the “offers”, she might have hinted that she is now free and open to modeling. Earlier in an interview, Rajek said she would love to work for Sporting companies as their Bikini model. Guess now is the perfect time for companies to think about her now that she is quite popular in the NFL world and considered the rumored girlfriend of the GOAT quarterback Tom Brady. 

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