Travis Kelce returns to Vegas to join Patrick Mahomes for Super Bowl party after brief Taylor Swift zoo date

The Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce flew to Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday to support his superstar girlfriend Taylor Swift for her concerts. As the 2023 NFL season has ended, the TE has plenty of time to spend with Taylor.

However, recent reports have emerged that the TE has left Taylor alone in Sydney and is on his way out of the country already. 

Travis Kelce returns to Vegas for Super Bowl party

Reportedly, Travis Kelce’s trip to Sydney has been cut short. The TE traveled hours just to spend two days with Taylor. During this short trip, the couple visited a zoo together and Travis watched Taylor perform for Aussies.

TMZ reported that Travis was already in his jet, heading to Las Vegas. The exact reason why he left Sydney has not been disclosed yet but reportedly, he will be joining Patrick Mahomes and other teammates for a Super Bowl victory party in Las Vegas.

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The TE landed in Sydney on Wednesday and by Saturday he will be in Las Vegas. Since the Super Bowl game on Feb 11, the TE has already visited Las Vegas twice. Before reaching Sydney, he made a stop in Las Vegas, where he was spotted playing golf.

With Travis leaving for Las Vegas, it means that he will be parting ways with his girlfriend Taylor Swift and will have to leave her in Sydney. After her concerts in Australia, the Karma singer will head to Singapore and continue her Eras Tour shows there.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce planned to take time apart but couldn’t

After the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce planned to spend some time apart. They decided that Swift would focus on her Australian leg of the Eras Tour, while Kelce would stay home and enjoy his victory. Despite their initial plan, the couple couldn’t bear to be apart

“They were talking about letting her get back into touring without any distractions, but they are so in love right now that the decision was made that he had to be there,” an inside source reported.

The tragic shooting incident at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade reinforced Swift’s realization of Kelce’s importance to her. The TE dropped all his plans with friends to be with her.

“It was the best gift any woman could ever want—to be with her man. She was on cloud nine in Sydney. He even shaved his beard to look his best for her.”

Travis Kelce

Sources emphasized that Swift and Kelce’s relationship is genuine and deep. When they’re together, they are just a normal couple deeply in love, not defined by their celebrity status.

“When it is just them, they are not the star athlete or the superstar singer. They are just a normal couple who are madly in love. Taylor’s friends have never seen her like this, and she finally has a man who keeps her safe, who loves her for her and is not out to gain anything from it.”

The couple wants to spend as much time together as possible. Travis Kelce plans to accompany Swift on all her tour stops.

“They want to spend as much time with each other as possible and that is what they will keep on doing. Travis will be touring with her on all her stops and will return to the States when needed. They have decided that they don’t want to be away from each other for more than two weeks at a time.”

This new information provided about their relationship showcases the strong emotional connection between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce and their commitment to maintaining their relationship despite busy schedules.

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