UFC 289: Fans’ stand at Rogers Arena crumbled as Mike Mallot stepped out to face Adam Fugitt

During the main event of UFC 289, Mike Mallot almost got into the middle of facing an accident. However, Mike was lucky enough to have a narrow escape.

UFC 289 took place yesterday in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Mike battled Adam Fugitt in the welterweight matchup in the main event. 

What happened at the Rogers Arena?

At the Rogers Arena, Mike had his homecoming bout against Adam. As he was walking into the octagon during his fight, the audience wanted to get a touch of his hand as he was waving them. 

However, the side barrier couldn’t hold the force of the excited spectators. At some point, the fence collapsed and tons of spectators collapsed. 

Even though ‘Proper’ didn’t face any injuries during the collision but it could’ve been deadly if anything wrong happened. 

During the post-fight press conference, Malott talked about the incident. According to the welterweight fighter, he didn’t want to remember the incident to keep his head clear during the fight.

“I noticed it for like a quarter of a second. It fell. I kind of like jumped to the side, stepped over the gate. I was like, ‘One, that sucks for them. Two, don’t think about it, stay focused,’ and immediately forgot about it afterward.” Mike said. 

Who won between Mike Mallot and Adam Fugitt?

Fugitt (9-4 MMA, 1-2 UFC) was decisively defeated by Malott (10-1-1 MMA, 3-0 UFC) through submission in the second round of their fight. The Canadian fighter has now won six straight fights in MMA and four straight UFC bouts.

Not only for Mike but last night was also all about the fighters who were born in Canada. Other Canadian fighters that triumphed at UFC 289, including Marc-Andre Barriault, Jasmine Jasudavicius, Aiemann Zahabi, and Kyle Nelson, were also victorious in the Rogers Arena.

Did you enjoy the UFC 289 fights? If yes, share your favorite moment from the night. 

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