UFC champion Israel Adesanya claims Francis Ngannou’s move to PFL can force UFC to change a few fighting regulations

When Francis Ngannou, the former UFC champion, decided to leave the organization and join the Professional Fighter’s League, the MMA community was thrown into a frenzy (PFL). This bold move by Ngannou has garnered immense support from fighters across the board, including middleweight standout Israel Adesanya.

Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya Raves About Ngannou’s Bold Move, Predicts UFC Shake-up

In a recent episode of his electrifying YouTube channel, FREESTYLEBENDER, Adesanya openly discussed Ngannou’s groundbreaking decision and its potential impact on the UFC. When asked about Ngannou’s highly lucrative move, Adesanya wasted no time in applauding the Cameroonian powerhouse. With conviction, Adesanya stated that Ngannou had made the right choice for himself and expressed his genuine happiness for his fellow fighter. He regarded Ngannou as “the money fight,” implying that this move will undoubtedly shake up the status quo.

Adesanya, known for his magnetic personality and unwavering confidence, believes that the UFC will not ignore this paradigm-shifting event. Drawing parallels with other industries, Adesanya pointed out that such occurrences create seismic ripples that force organizations to adapt and evolve. He confidently stated, “A big enough ripple can compel the UFC to make small, yet significant changes.” This stance firmly positions Adesanya as a supporter of Ngannou’s demands, advocating for mandatory provisions that align with a fighter of Ngannou’s caliber. It comes as no surprise that Adesanya stands in solidarity with Ngannou. Given their shared African heritage, Adesanya sees Ngannou’s requests as necessary and justifiable.

Adesanya’s Resounding Call for Unity and Change in the Wake of Ngannou’s Pivotal Move

By vocalizing his support, Adesanya underscores the importance of unity among athletes in the face of challenging negotiations and contractual disputes. While Ngannou’s departure from the UFC follows a prolonged disagreement with UFC President Dana White, fans and fighters alike perceive it as a strategic maneuver. The consensus is that Ngannou made the right decision, one that could potentially benefit other fighters within the promotion.

In addition to the financial gains, Ngannou’s transition to the PFL also grants him a prominent seat at the organization’s table. The question remains whether this move will accentuate Ngannou’s entrepreneurial acumen or ignite his fighting spirit. With Francis Ngannou’s groundbreaking move from the UFC to the PFL, the MMA landscape has been forever altered. Israel Adesanya, an influential figure in the sport, supports Ngannou wholeheartedly and foresees far-reaching consequences.

Let us know your thoughts on Francis Ngannou’s decision to leave the UFC and join the PFL, as well as Israel Adesanya’s support for him. Do you believe this move will have a significant impact on the UFC and potentially lead to changes in how the organization treats its fighters?

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